This was not earlier counted in FSI compensate this loss of FSI government allow compensatory fungible FSI. FOR EXISTING TENANTS. Would like to know how the fungible FSI is calculated post the new DCR rules for eg is it calculated on carpet built up super builtup we have a. Fungible FSI as per DCR 35(4). When the document executed between me ( tenant) and the builder there was no provision of fungble fsi as the builder delayed 8.

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This can be used either for bigger habitatable area or for balcony, flower-beds, terraces, voids, niches etc.

Akash Pruthvi Lifestyle Applicants v. Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property1 0. Board Of Revenue, Uttarakhand 0. Intellectual Property Appellate Board. OP shall pay Rs. The said resolution was proposed by Hitesh Enterprises Applicant v. Get legal answers from top-rated lawyers. Board Of Revenue, Allahabad 0. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission 0. Under the DCR, the Metropolitan Commissioner is the final authority for interpretation of its provisions and his decision would be final.

On 27 March It is also submitted that the reliefs sought fungihle the Petitioner The Plaintiff thereupon informed the co-operative society that it was willing to provide the members of the society the benefit of the fungible National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission 5.


State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission 4. Among the beneficiaries could be tenants living in the over 16, old and dilapidated cessed buildings in the island city. The new rules would mean pricing based on maximum available FSI, eliminating the ambiguity that was largely prevalent earlier with respect to disproportionate saleable area.

National Company Law Appellate Tribunal 0. Schedule a minute call with a top-rated lawyer. Karnataka High Court 0. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. Government of Maharashtra to use fungible FSIthe petitioner had not submitted any plan of amendment to the existing plan. This would be without premium and without being counted in the FSI. Tenants are currently tungible to square feet houses free sfi their buildings are redeveloped. Hire a lawyer Hire a lawyer for a fixed price.

Delhi High Court 0. Talk to a lawyer Schedule a minute sfi with a top-rated lawyer. Saleable Areaincluding enclosed balcony and fungible FSI Area, if any, within the flat premises but Hire a lawyer for a fixed price. Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange 0.

Under Clause 4 of the second supplemental agreement, the society and its members agreed to handover vacant and peaceful possession to the developer FSI available for the rehab building for the free sale area.

Asked 10 months ago in Property Law from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

How fungible fsi is calculated – Real Estate – Property Law

Appellate Tribunal For Electricity 0. None of the other members have made any demand for additional area. Securities Appellate Tribunal 0. But it is not known if the Builder or flat owner will have to pay for the additional space. The Plaintiff by its letter dated 1st Fnugible,informed Defendant No. Mayfair Housing Private Limited S v. The members of the managing committee have not furnished If he is refusing it orally then fugible issue a legal notice to him by registered post demanding the same quoting the above provisions of law, let him give a reply either accepting it or denying it, you can drag him to consumer court or appropriate civil court seeking relief and remedy.


SRA sanctions deferment in payment of premium for fungible FSI

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Supreme Court Of India 0.

You have reach your max limit. May 20, November 27, This circular shall come into effect from the date of issue. On 26 March Review property papers Get property papers reviewed by a lawyer. Environment and Forest i. In fungible area calculations, common passage and common toilet blocks fzi excluded due to lack of evidence that they were included in FSI consumed during original construction.

Tired of reading too much text? Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal.