Director Anurag Kashyap’s revenge saga did not shy away from showing blood and gore, becoming one of the boldest gangster films in. Directed by Anurag Kashyap and written by Zeishan Quadri, the second instalment of Gangs Of Wasseypur takes forward the story of the. Gangs of Wasseypur () Movie Script. Read the Gangs of Wasseypur full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free.

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Adead body means the bIade must have cut it perpendicuIarIy. Yes, l heard about it. Go and lie down at Sardar’s feet.

Download The Script of Gangs Of Wasseypur Part I – IMDb

Now father has decided that no one wiII touch FaizaI. You teII me why?


This shit shouIdn’t happen again. But our investigation wiII be futiIe without any evidence.

And look at him. Anchor asked to Minister on TV. So that four families will relieve.

Download The Script Of Gangs Of Wasseypur II – Film Companion

Scrlpt saved many lives by marrying me. The reaI one’s ahead. So he started singing. Whose umbrella it is? And he is gardening outside his house. So what should l do?

She stayed in mosque last night And then came here. His wounds haven’t healed yet.

I’II come with you, brother! Whom you have killed and buried. Give me the bomb! Bite me if you dare.

Stop pIaying siIIy games with petty poIiticians here We’ve bought this pond. And you beIieve this, brother FaizaI? Do not link me in this. But not every flower is fragrant. British had left a piece of bread. But l don’t accept it. How can you aII eat? Why did you came here? How about you make kf an offer.


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Go and arrange tea and snacks. My tiny country revoIver is enough for you. Don’t talk What are looking at me? Acript Iost it and bashed her head in with a rod. The deaIer says 10, I beIieve him too. They aIso knew that the town shared and supported his sentiment.