Garcinia species are evergreen trees or shrubs, wood moderately hard, bark grey , reddish or pale gray, branches often opposite, terete, glabrous, latex usually. Garcinia tinctoria (DC.) W. F. Wight. Synonym. Hebradendron pictorium (Roxb.) Royle. Synonym. Stalagmitis pictoria (Roxb.) Synonym. Xanthochymus. Xanthochymus Roxb. Garcinia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Clusiaceae native to Asia, America, Garcinia subelliptica, known as fukugi in Japan.

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Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification. It includes published material or suggestions from the author or others.

Retrieved 12 January The pollen producing flowers have five petals and many stamens on which the pollen is produced that are arranged in bundles each containing five stamens. Garcinia species are susceptible to various insect pests, virus and fungi, affecting leaves, fruits and roots. Document specific xatnhochymus options Title.

A small middle sized evergreen tree with a dense narrow crown.

Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records. Leaves dark green, 40 cm long and 5- 8 cm width, narrowly oblong or oblong lanceolate, shining. Powered by the open source Biodiversity Informatics Platform.

Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. In India, young leaves are considered edible and eaten raw, cooked as spinach or added to a curry. Views Read Edit View history. Renu, Sanjana Julias Thilakar, D.

Accessed 23 June Search in all groups Search within this group. Also includes information referring to territorial extension of the individual or group in terms of its activities feeding, mating, etc. The fruits are a food source for several animals, such as the archduke butterflies Lexias spp. We present a systematic, updated checklist of larval host plants of the butterflies of the Garcini Also includes information referring to territorial extension of the individual or group in terms of its activities feeding, mating, etc.


Fruit a berry, yellow, when ripe, 4. Evergreen trees, about garcinis tall, with a dense pyramidal crown, wood moderately hard, dark grayish brown to yellowish brown, bark dark brown or blackish brown, exfoliating in small round flakes, branches opposite, drooping, glabrous, angular, usually dilated below nodes, latex resinous, thick, white or pale green, becoming yellow when exposed in bark and branches.

Send a request for permission. Description Gamboge is a wide-spreading species with enormous, drooping leaves and globose, apple-sized, golden yellow fruit. Send a request for permission.

Garcinia acutifolia Garcinia afzelii Garcinia aristata Garcinia atroviridis — asam gelugur Indonesianasam gelugor Malaysianasam keping Malaysian Garcinia bifasciculata Garcinia brevipedicellata Garcinia burkillii Garcinia cadelliana Garcinia cantleyana Garcinia celebica L.

The fruit which exudes golden yellow juices can be eaten by roasting or boiling. Xanthocjymus for upload by Pranjal Mahananda. Less well-known, but still of international importance, are kandis G. Seasonal migration and reproduction are usually treated separately. An update of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group classification for the orders and families of flowering plants: Anderson Common xanthocuymus Mysore gamboge, yellow mangosteen, eggtree, gamboge tree, sour mangosteen, Himalayan garcinia and false mangosteen; in Brazil: The seed coat itself is smooth glossy brown, patterned.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. In evergreen, semi-evergreen and moist deciduous forests, altitude m.

Garcinia xanthochymus Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Or, Login with your user account:. Petiole robust, V-shaped xanrhochymus somewhat clasping at base, 1. Natural History Natural History Cyclicity. The fruit is 4cm-6cm in dia. Checklists specific search options Observed during.

Garcinia Xanthochymus Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. Can include ecosystem services. Pollination is entomophilous i. However, this is the preferred element if an object includes all of these things and details about conservation listings. In any event, the source must be explicitly quoted.

Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you. Native to India but rarely seen in cultivation. Palakkad, Thiruvananthapuram Tamil Nadu: The genus Xanghochymus contains species with a center of diversity in the Old World. An on-line version is also available. Fruiting branch Photograph by: Generally found near riverbank i.

Garcinia xanthochymus, tree growth habit, Thane, India. This article needs additional citations for verification. Describes biorhythms – those states or conditions characterised by regular repetition in time, whether on the scale of seconds, hours, days, or seasons.

Brindonia Thouars Cambogia L. Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records.