The cognitive styles of Field Independence/Dependence (FI/D) and the scores obtained from the Group Embedded Figure Test (GEFT) have been theoretically. A laboratory study was conducted to investigate overall performance and learning effect differences with the Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT) administered. Abstract: Online group embedded figures test (OGEFT) is a new Web based testing tool to administer the group embedded figures test (GEFT) over long.

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The ACL form can be used for self gef observer ratings and Transform provides self or multi-rater assessment and reporting. Because it was only available as a booklet for so long, I never had the chance or the patience to try it out.

Group Embedded Figures Test: A measure of cognitive style – Mind Garden

Group Embedded Figures Test: This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat We made it our mission to be equivalent to the booklet version as closely as possible in its translation to an online format. The GEFT even helps you understand how others are perceiving situations. Older children, adolescents, and adults. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Oltman, Evelyn Raskin, and Stephen A.

If you are unable to find the translation you need, you can request permission to make gedt translation.


Group Embedded Figures Test: A measure of cognitive style

In addition, the online version parallels the use of a pencil through the required use of an external mouse for tracing the gft on the computer screen.

I went in thinking I was going to be somewhere around here:. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 43 3f Finding common geometric shapes in a larger design, this simple assessment yields a wealth of information about field dependence-independence. Retrieved 4 December The Group Embedded Figures Test: Uber den einfluss gehaufter einpragung von figuren auf ihre sichtbarheit in unfassenden konfigurationen.

The Group Embedded Figures Test: a measure of cognitive style or cognitive impairment.

Journal of Agricultural Education, 35 4 Retrieved from ” https: To my great surprise, my result came back as this: Basically, we offer whatever is available to facilitate your work. This is a paper product – FedEx shipping costs apply. Others associated factors include body concept, defense mechanisms, and occupational choices. Transform will connect this report to the “Send To” email provided at checkout.

On the other hand, FD people accel with tesr such as social work, elementary tsst, advertising, and sales.

We cannot assure translation quality — many are made by individual researchers and we are not necessarily familiar with the particular language or dialect. Likewise, I do not have all the social skills that socially-oriented people usually have, because of my FI tendencies. Optionally, Individual Reports and Group Reports can be generated from the collected data – requires the purchase of report licenses.


Builds a report that calculates and summarizes average GEFT scores for a group of participants. While I seem to have the best of both worlds, there are drawbacks to being “mobile.

Perceptual and Motor Skills, 91 3f Please introduce links to tets page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. Posted on 1 July Blog by Issa Coultas. The ACL provides a convenient, standardized method for recording and generating meaning for personal attributes of an individual.

Builds a report that interprets an individual’s GEFT scores. Includes details teet reliability, validity, scoring, etc. I have to be aware of these situations when comparing myself to others who have completed the GEFT. I went in thinking I was going to be somewhere around here: I predicted that I would fall somewhere in the middle.

As a result of working at Mind Garden, I have taken several social behavior and social skills assessments gef my scores reflected my sensitivity to others and ability to moderate conflicts. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 46 6 The GEFT online version uses the same figures and relationships between figures, retains similar instructions, has similar administration, uses the same timing for each section, and has the same scoring. FD persons always take gegt context into account e.