Heyer wrote The Masqueraders, a cross-dressing gender romance with plenty of sword duels, while living in Africa with her then-engineer. Georgette Heyer wrote a very large number of novels. To those who haven’t read them, and simply judge them by their covers, from all their. Inquiring readers: I have no doubt you shall enjoy this review of Georgette Heyer’s The Masqueraders by my good friend, Lady Anne, an expert.

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It totally reads that way, particularly the bit where Sir Tony briefly ‘withdraws his protection’ from his young protegee. Prudence was the best heroine ever; she wasn’t one of those silly chit hwyer just sit there doing nothing, waiting for a guy to sweep her off her feet like Letitia! I loved the adventurous romp of this book.

Topics include Regency fashion, historic foods, Jane Austen societies, British sites, related topics. Such an occurrence had not been anticipated, and they wonder what had given her away: Explore the Home Gift Guide. Robin and Prudence, long used to their scheming father’s delusions of grandeur, are sceptical massqueraders his claims, which they have never heard before. I struggled a bit with heger style for a chapter or two, but then I was conquered by the youthfull exuberance of the protagonists and by their subversive attacks on the less adventurous members of society.

The gender-swap is not revealed with perfect clarity. Published September 26, September 24, The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer: Prudence and Robin are seconded well by the rest of the cast: This is an early Heyer and you can tell in the sense that the writing isn’t quite as smooth as her lat Summary: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.


She’s definitely the sensible one in the family. The Masqueraders is a delightful romp from beginning to end, with one of the most romantic interludes, a ride in the moonlight, ever penned by this delightful and dependable author.

Their romance is also georgwtte tactile — the plot allows for Tony to touch Prue on the shoulder or on the hand a great deal almost from the start of the book. Sounds like a good one. Since Prudence is tall, she takes on the identity of Mr. Audible May Naxos AudioBooks. The Talisman Ring Regency Romances. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

This was a different, fun, but overall baffling Heyer read. He is a large man in his mids, said by many to be sleepy, if not altogether dull, and slow to quarrel. On putting up at an inn for the night, they discover that the other guests are a pair of runaways headed for Gretna Green—and the female half has turned reluctant.

The language and wit really come across in this book. Well, I haven’t changed my original three stars. Prudence and Robin are in hiding because they especially Robin got involved on the wrong side of the Jacobite Rebellion. Jul 13, Sherwood Smith added it Shelves: Hilarious and enjoyable, particularly all the jibes about Robin’s height and his ability to flirt Most unusual of all in this book, though, is Sir Anthony.

The Masqueraders

Read it because it is independently wonderful, not because you see the name of “Heyer. Sourcebooks Casablanca; Reprint edition December 1, Language: You will read masquerdaers again to catch the finer points you missed the first time. There are her contemporary, realist novels published under a pseudonym: There is also their father to consider, the master masquerader with delusions of grandeur. I’ll own up to my mistakes and will make the corrections with a polite smile on my face.


Culloden for her characters seems as far as the moon. I wish I had tomatoes to throw and the disposition to faint. Retrieved from ” https: Prudence and Robin have had to change their identities because of their father’s involvement in the Jacobite Rebellion. It may geotgette, perhaps, be the most well-thought-out plan, but it is an excellent plot-device, leading to constant tension throughout the rest of the book as the danger of discovery is hanging over their heads.

But, large as he is, there is more to Tony Fanshawe than meets the eye. The ones written in her youth are a little melodramatic, but still excellently written. The Masqueraders is a novel written by Georgette Heyer. Startled by this unaccountable intervention, Prudence begins to wonder if Sir Anthony suspects her masquerade.

The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer – FictionDB

I think that I was immediately charmed by Peter masquerders completely hooked when Peter became Prue. But she would never have thought it possible to have a powerfully masculine gay or bisexual hero. He was conceited, arrogant and a scheming rogue — but he was also hilarious and capable of coming up with such ingenious schemes that maybe his arrogance was justified.

Well this will not do.