Sufiah’s story seems to have been the inspiration for Nikita Lalwani’s first novel, “ Gifted.” Here the driven father, Mahesh, is a mathematician. The over-arching theme of this first novel by Nikita Lalwani, who was born in India but raised in Wales, is about families and what they do to. Rumi Vasi is 10 years, 2 months, 13 days, 2 hours, 42 minutes, and 6 seconds old. She’s figured that the likelihood of her walking home from school with the boy .

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I found it a little difficult to get into but it should be a good discussion book for my library book group. She secretly resents her father’s “unbearable scrutiny on her life”, his ability to “descend into the Dark Ages at will”, and in desperation calls simply to hear another person’s voice.

Apr 11, Joy Ramlogan laalwani it liked it. Rumi is a gifted child, and her father, Mahesh, believes that strict discipline is the key to nurturing her genius if the family has any hope of making its mark on its adoptive country. Shreene, Rumi’s mother, resentfully accepts the hous om Publishers Weekly In this penetrating coming-of-age debut from London-based Lalwani, year-old Rumika Vasi struggles to fulfill her mathematical gifts and her family’s demands on them, while also finding friendship and romance.

And so he puts her through a Spartan mathematical training regimen that would put every Tiger Mother to shame, demonstrating the superiority of Hindu wisdom against Western decadence.

Deftly pondering the complexities and consequences that accompany the best intentions, Gifted explores just how far one person will push another, and how lalani can be endured, in the name of love. Her father, though, says that it’s not a “gift;” it’s simply hard work. They desperately try to grab its own culture in a foreign country so that the next generation does not turn into an ‘Angrez’ or ‘American’.

Rumi’s character and internal life were flat and undeveloped; the author attempted but fell short of nnikita target. In the end, the intense expectations of a family with everything to prove will be a combustible ingredient as an intelligent but naive girl is thrust into the adult world before she has time to grow up.


Sep 18, Melissa rated it liked it.

I can’t think of another reason. The day before school started this year, my wife received an e-mail from a student enrolled in her English class. For first-generation immigrants, whose own dreams and aspirations were often thwarted by the cold reality of racism, it represented the means by which their children would be able to deflect discrimination and do their parents proud. Dec 13, Rachael rated it liked it Shelves: Rumi is a gifted child, and her father, Mahesh, believe Rumi Vasi is 10 years, 2 months, 13 days, 2 hours, 42 minutes, and 6 seconds old.

Her sensitivity to the pressures felt by Indian immigrants calls to mind the work of such novelists as Zadie Smith and Monica Ali, writers who hear the humor amid the anxiety of integration.

A strict disciplinarian father who sees excellence in education as the only way out.

Gifted by Nikita Lalwani – Reading Guide – : Books

There were six students in our group and we had a tub of heads in front of us, all sliced in different ways to reveal different constituent parts. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Her gift for mathematics causes Rumi to often feel isolated from her fellow students.

At 10, Rumi is in advanced maths, and at 14, she sits for her A levels. As the well-heeled and the big-brained dive back into schoolwork this month, I wish they and especially their parents would take a break to read this arresting new novel by Kikita Lalwani. Nov 07, Jennifer rated it liked it.

She wa I read this book quickly but found myself thinly satisfied at the end. Her traditional Indian parents have a very strict study schedule for her to ensure that she fulfills her talent, and they dream of her becoming the youngest age 14 student ever to pass her O levels and then go onto Oxford University.

This was way too boringly realistic. Four years later, a teenage Rumi is at the center of an intense campaign by her parents to make her the youngest student ever to attend Oxford University, an effort that requires an unrelenting routine of study.

Her affinity to use maths to even understand and explain herself is endearing. I liked it obviously, I gave it a solid 4 gitfed. Jan 13, Verna rated it liked it Shelves: The themes are far more interesting to me as a parent than they would have been to me as a teen.



Did the author portray lalqani life correctly that prides academics over a more ” normal” childhood. That doesn’t ring true. The little girl and parental expectations. They have to realize what they did wrong, be truly sorry and ready to make amends. Deftly pondering the complexities and consequences that accompany the best intentions, Gifted explores giftee how far one person will push another, and how much can be endured, in the name of love.

Freedom by numbers

I really don’t think it’s fair to have your reader put the book down and Google something every 10 minutes. What’s particularly interesting in G ifted is the way Lalwani giftec her characters to contend with cultural stereotypes. I read this for my contemporary multicultural British literature course, and the more we talked about the book, the more I appreciated it.

Well done, too, nimita Rumi’s warm relationship with India. I ended up putting it aside until I had a hard copy to read, which apparently took about four years. However, I felt it was let down by the writing, which I found muddled and long-winded. Her thoughts and emotions are peppered with numbers and equations.

Aug 19, Pages. The epilogue has a dream like quality to it, may have been better to end with Rumi jumping on the train rather than being told she ran away and asked to stay away from her parents for protection. Looking for More Great Reads?

But as Rumi grows older, Lalwani strips hy comedy away, and “the sodden misery of the whole thing” weighs on the novel more and more.

Set amid the terraced streets of Cardiff, Lalwani’s novel revitalises familiar subject-matter in second- generation immigrant fiction. Her Indian family are avowedly and unashamedly aspiring: My favorite part of this book were the flashbacks displayed when Rumi finally goes back to India and the things she experiences.