The Trojan War, Green Ronin, Mythic Vistas, and their associated logos are trademarks of 1 Introduction: The Trojan War & the Homeric Age. Green Ronin first delved into the Bronze Age in Testament: Roleplaying in the Biblical Era. Now the Trojan War picks up where Testament left. Trojan War: Roleplaying in the Age of Homeric Adventure. by Aaron Rosenberg. Green Ronin Publishing. P. O. Box Renton, WA

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Trojan War

Homeric also includes the deities of the time as they took a fairly active role in the ten year war. Wyrd Reviews Disposable Heroes: Trojan War is one of the few books my non-roleplaying trojah picked up from the vast array of games here and made positive comment on.

I really did enjoy reading through Trojan War. Here we have powerful warriors capable of specialised but better-than-human feats.

That any gamer is likely to benefit from the summary in this Trojan War supplement. There are two basic races; human and divine offspring. I think this puts me at the extreme end of the scale too.


I love Homeric roleplaying New England Posts 8, If you can express and compare deities without resorting to numbers then that is best case. Powerful and heroic captains also enjoys a Tolkien-esq ring to it which can be ignored or exploited at will. Trojan War gives you everything tronan bring Bronze Age Greece to life, including: Reset Fields Log in.

In addition there are stories of before and for the survivors after Troy which provide additional evidence of greatness or lack of it. The Equipment chapter does not just bash out Homeric themed trappings but thoughtfully discusses the Bronze Age.

An overview of the Trojan War, from the abduction of Helen to the sack of Troy. And yet this is also familiar d Sure, academics debate when, if and where the siege of Troy took place but this RPG picks its mark and sticks to it.

How many fantasy games feature the Greek pantheon? ear

Trojan War PDF on • Green Ronin Publishing

Roleplaying in the Biblical Era. Gods plot, chariots thunder, and warriors charge beneath the walls of Troy. There are specialised battlefield feats too. As we might predict there are new skills and new uses for old skills — but we can forgive the book for that and new feats. I said the setting is extremely suitable for feats and the supplement itself tells you why. The book summarises the before, wa and after for you.


There are also battlefield rules. Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! Winning conflicts are those which push the enemy back.

Tuesday, 9th December, Troy fell, of course. Trojan War is complete and thorough. Please use the Login form or enter another.

Trojan War PDF Preview • Green Ronin Publishing

Tuesday, 25th July, Thanks for the heads-up. I tend not to like big chapters devoted to the stats of NPCs as I prefer to make them up and control them myself.

I like my history. The book introduces three prestige classes as well; Orator, Runner and Seer.

Which side are you on?