Pearson,Longman-HAT. Aanlyn woordeboeke · Taalportaal · Taalstrukture Have you seen the HAT Afrikaanse Skoolwoordeboek and Sakwoordeboek?. Elektroniese WAT,Afrikaans,dictionary,woordeboek,aanlyn. HAT VERKLARENDE HANDWOORDEBOEK VAN DIE AFRIKAANSE TAAL. ODENDAL F. ISBN: Estimated delivery within business day.

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Odendal would have retired from the editorial team after the completion of the fourth edition of the HATbut for various reasons stayed on till HAT5 was completed.

Languages Afrikaans Edit links.

Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal – Wikipedia

Also that newspapers and the writers of letters to the press, woordeboeek the meaning of a word was concerned, regularly quoted the HAT as an authoritative reference. Or test your memory with one of our ready-made gamesor your vocabulary and spelling with haat game of verbal hide-and-seek. Apart from additions, definitions were revised and archaic words and meanings deleted especially words and meanings that were Dutch rather than Afrikaans. Afrikaans Afrikaans dictionaries Dutch dictionaries Lexicography.

The discussions, however, did have a positive result: Hereby the high standard of hst Afrikaans literature was acknowledged, as well as its contribution to the development of Afrikaans. His woordeboke status as theoretical and practical lexicographer made Rufus H. A commission of inquiry recommended that a board of control be established.

So, if you have read up to here, we hope you join us today, even this very moment. Thus a close connection was established between the WAT and the first edition of the HATa bond that would be broken only after Schoonees died.

Help us illustrate our online dictionaries by sending us your photos. For HAT5 the editors again each tackled one half of the dictionary, Gouws the first part and Odendal the second. In HAT3 he increased the number of self-made examples, and supplemented them with a large number of citations from the work of Afrikaans writers.


In Odendal assumed full responsibility for Wpordeboek. After about 20 years Prof.

In October Pearson appointed the editor to succeed Odendal. With the help of C. Jana Luther would become the publisher of the HAT and its first in-house editor. During the s earnest discussions were devoted to the compilation of an Woordrboek dictionary and in March the erstwhile Nasionale Boekhandel and the government of the day agreed to the publication of a monolingual explanatory dictionary with an extent similar to that of the Dutch Van Dale a single-volume work at the time.

He was succeeded in as chief editor by Dr. By this time it became clear that although the dictionary was progressing, it would take several decades to complete it up to Z.

What follows below is but a short list of some of the features you will find on this website: Again this failed to happen. Labelling racist words proved quite a challenge, woordeblek to a lesser extent gender words.

In Perskor offered Francois F. Here the contribution of Mrs Estelle Odendal should be mentioned, who recorded new and missing words from newspapers, magazines and books the whole time her husband was working on the HAT. Schoonees accepted the challenge to compile wooddeboek Afrikaans desk dictionary in jat own time.

In Perskor requested Francois F. This acknowledged the high standard of Afrikaans literature and the important contribution of Afrikaans authors to the development of Afrikaans. The new, sixth edition of the HAT, improved, comprehensively revised and reflecting Afrikaans of today, was published in July Gouws, professor of Afrikaans linguistics at the Universiteit of Stellenbosch, whose status as theoretical and practical lexicographer made of him an irrefutable leader in the field of lexicography.

Aht love to hear what you think of our new scratch patch. Watch out too for book announcements and contributions by well-known writers! Of the aspects to receive attention were wooreeboek expansion of the etymologies, an improved entry layout, expansion of the abbreviations and moving them to a special section at the back of the book, addition of a section with geographical names and their derivatives, further refining of the labels, an introduction with usage guidance and continued attention to suitable quotations.


In the Eighties the HAT started being used doordeboek homes, schools and universities, as well as in government offices and businesses.

Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal

To ensure that the HAT stayed in competent hands, Perskor appointed a second editor after the publication of the third edition, namely Rufus H. Eventually Prof Smith worked on the dictionary for 20 years before retiring. Curious about who we are, what you will find on this website and what you may still expect? Read our very first newsletter! Odendal would take the first half, Gouws the second. Thus a new chapter in the history of the HAT began, with Odendal as the wooordeboek editor for almost 25 years.

Swanepoel, a co-editor of the WATthe work accelerated somewhat, but according to Schoonees still not quickly enough. This page was last edited on 22 Marchat At the launch of HAT5, on 14 September at the Spier Estate outside Stellenbosch, he was honoured for his more than 30 years of commitment and dedication to the Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal and bid farewell. In Pearson asked the compilers to deliver a fifth edition in