Hole in My Life is an American autobiography of Jack Gantos and was published by Macmillan Publishers in In the book was honored with Michael. Teenage readers will appreciate Jack Gantos’s frankness in his jail memoir, Hole in My Life, says Keith Gray. After penning a number of novels for preteens, including the Joey Pigza books and the Jack series, Gantos makes a smooth transition as he addresses an older .

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This ajck had some relevance for the novel I’m writing. Jack Gantos, a children’s author, writes a memoir about his last year of high school and how he ends up in prison. For starters, he was and judging by his videos today, still is a snappy dresser, a notable departure from the running-shoe and tired jeans look favored by many writers.

She didn’t tell me how profound the book would be, how insightful and applicable. Take something out of the mistakes you make in life, learn and grow from them and don’t let those mistakes define who you can be. Gantos continued writing children’s books and began teaching lifee in children’s book writing. A couple of powerful thoughts: But at the same time he constantly has money to fix his car, travel, buy gas, eat food, and take drugs. The book was a story of a series of bad choices that Jack made, and how he dealt with his consequences.

Hole in My Life – Wikipedia

It is a cautionary tale but a little too harsh for the younger kids. But another part of him, the part that makes it through to the end of the book, is the part that recognizes that it’s not the mistakes of our life that define us, but what we learn from those mistakes and how we move forward from them. Though when my boys read it I sure hope they read the parts about the consequences as closely as the adventurous chapters! For instance, I had no idea about the “white exodus” in certain areas of Florida due to the Black Panthers taking over certain towns thus putting many people out of work.


The reason i say that is because this is ab The book i just finished reading is hole in my life by jack gantos i liked the book because it gabtos interesting.

It just wasn’t really for me but i recommend it still.

Review: Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos | Books | The Guardian

And as a result, he feels that they will never grant him a reprieve. Jan 15, Arminzerella rated it liked it Shelves: He says, “You can make a mistake, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life or entirely define who you are as a person, and you can recover from it, move on, be accomplished, remain proud, and do something great with your life and become the full person you imagine yourself to be in your heart and mind and through your actions.

Croix he met a drug smuggler and was offered a chance to make 10 dollars by sailing to New York with 2, pounds of hash. I picked it up because I thought it looked interesting and I wondered why it was in a middle school library.

From pen to pen

I believe very strongly that reading and writing are ways lifs make sense of our lives and become better people, and this book re-enforced that belief. I feel like mainly everything about the book was good and interesting. Teenage readers will appreciate the frankness and sincerity with which he explores how it feels to be a young person struggling to discover exactly who you are.

What he does is lay out the facts, explain all the circumstances, and gently describe how he changed so that by the end of the book you can see how much growth he has experienced. As a result, upon arriving to New York and settling into a hotel, he and his gaantos were captured by the FBI and were sentenced from 5 to 20 nack in prison for drug trafficking. I listened to the audio which Gantos himself narrates which made this story all the more poignant.


They had to carry drugs and they had ran into some casualties and they had to get around them. This is much more than simply a scared-straight confessional; there’s nothing didactic or patronising in it. He does not excuse himself and he does not justify his actions. Jack got 5, but because of his well behavior in prison he gets out in 15 months of his sentence.


Gantos’s story, and the reason for the book, takes a turn when he agrees to crew a boat loaded with drugs from the Virgin Islands into New York City. Some may find fault with the reasoning he employs, or even question the lifd of the narrator, but the sweep of the narrative leads the reader to a good place in the end. Despite thinking vaguely, “Boy, dude, that was a dumb decision,” the reader can simultaneously sympathize with nearly every decision he makes–which surprised me, as someone who jakc never imagine doing what he did.

Feb 23, Kate Schwarz rated it it was amazing Shelves: It would be a mistake to ganhos this book to a young teen, and even older teens may need guidance to deal with some of the more difficult aspects, but in the end, Gantos’s experience brought him to the realization that drugs are not a valid life choice.