Ghulam Abbas envisioned a scenario of the end of 20th century at the 71st floor of hotel Mohenjodaro located in the capital of Pakistan. Hotel Mohenjodaro: you can die but you can never check out:eek: By Juhi It bluntly portrayed an image of a Pakistan that Ghulam Abbas. This large assemblage gathered in the rooftop garden of Hotel Mohenjodaro, Its author Ghulam Abbas who died in Karachi in is hardly known outside.

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Suddenly static noises from the installed speakers broke the eager silence of the auditorium of the hotel.

Ghulam Abbas’s Prophecy – Hotel Mohenjodaro

Instead, it has turned into a sordid game In a matter of just one hour babas than hundred thousand people got arrested.

I come from the district of Jhang in the Punjab… I have landed safely. The first part can be read here […]. According to the story, there were many higher buildings in Karachi. The shooting incident is being termed as fake and cooked up.

There are others in the land of pure, even more in numbers, who oppose same. The Muslims world over should decry this unnatural priesthood conferred upon the mullah. This move by the opposition lifted the morale ghulzm the movement a step further and they called a countrywide convention, where it was demanded that as the members of the government are heretical and mohenjdoaro, so they no longer remained worthy of leadership of a country whose sovereignty belongs to Allah.

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Abid Ali marked it as to-read Jun gjulam, In the aftermath of this new establishment, a puritanical and highly conservative form of Islam comes into play within the country. Read More The post Asma Ja […].


There was a country wide jubilation over that success. On the day of the massive protest, the government started deploying police and law enforcement agencies outside all the major mosques to foil the attempt of breaking the law. Repeatedly the Quran calls upon the Muslims to live their own lives without interferences from the holy men and witchdoctors. All abbbas them were anxious to listen and witness any words from the Pakistani spaceship crew. But as per the clergy related appeal, after morning prayers thousands of groups of people emerged out of the various mosques in the entire country.

He was a great admirer of the Russian short story tradition. When the religious leadership became satisfied that the public is on the same page with them, they announced a date of voluntary mass arrest, as a mean to pressurize government.

Reining in his support and ousting him from the political arena has been altogether tougher. They were being entertained with music and drinks to while away the time. Open Preview See a Problem? Darkness was wrapped in serenity. The clergy and religious leaders who already had issued a decree of death penalty for Adam Khan, attributed that picture with superficial and sexual meanings and for their own objectives blamed at his licentious behavior.

Even Islam as a faith has no real conception of clergy. Columnist, bloggers, writers, poets pour the noblest of words from their vocabulary onto pages and marked their participation in praise of her, her cause and the cause of education. Ghulam Abbas mohenjodarl a scenario of the end of 20th century — while writing it in Rightwingers and critics alike were outraged at the picture of religious zealots in the tale.

Jaaday ki Chandni and Kan ras are his famous books containing remarkable short stories.

Hotel Moenjodaro & Other Stories

Trivia About Hotel Moenjodaro This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Obscurantism and retrogressive values will lead us no where but to total destruction. Everything went according to schedule. He died in in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.


Hotel Mohenjodaro | Lahore Nama

Thousands protested seeking justice for Naqeebullah Mehsud brutally killed in a fake encounter by Karachi police — all in the name of counter terrorism. Next Post The Faizabadsit-in has firmly established Pakistan as a kakistocracy. Despite the repeated attempts by the rest of the world, no country was successful in doing so.

The chaos got deepened as the day progressed and government fearing total breakdown of the system called Army in and imposed curfew to abbbas the protests and bring calm in ghklam state that was increasingly drifting towards the civil war. Thus they should resign immediately.

The news of these arrests further agitated general public and they started attacking the government installations and foreign diplomatic missions in Pakistan. General public was openly incited by the new clergy-led leadership to start civil disobedience. Shahid on First Pakistani Jesuit ordaine….

At the same time, the government also imposed Section throughout the country under moohenjodaro the assembly of more than four people was prohibited and the violators could be prosecuted and arrested. Tianshan Human Rights through Cinematography. Section states that hotwl assembly of four or more people stands prohibited. Omer Makbool rated it really liked it Apr 19, Thanks for telling us about the problem.

But his tone is never sarcastic or venomous.