Download HP COMPAQ NC NC service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Save this Book to Read hp compaq nc service manual PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get hp compaq nc service manual PDF file. hp compaq nc service pdf. View and Download HP Mini-Note user manual online. USB Digital Drive. Mini-Note Laptop. Accessories pdf manual.

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A modem cable, which has a 6-pin RJ connector at each end, must be connected to an analog telephone line.

Product sold by third party: Entering Power-on Passwords Entering Power-On Passwords At the power-on password prompt, type your password, and then press After 3 unsuccessful attempts to enter the password, enter. Cleaning An External Mouse Cleaning an External Mouse Keeping an external mouse clean can substantially improve its performance and prevent loss of mouse pointer control.

This process takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. Touchpad Removal and Replacement Procedures 5.

HP Compaq NC6220 Hardware And Software Manual

Reseat loose Loose or components and damaged boards and parts? Produce stereo system sound. Align the tabbed notched edge 1 of the module with the tabbed area in the memory slot. If you are not sure whether the notebook is in hibernation, nc620 the notebook on by pressing and releasing the power through the operating system.



Antivirus Software Antivirus Software When you use the manula for e-mail, network, or Internet access, you expose the notebook to computer viruses. Service Considerations Removal and Replacement Preliminaries 4. Replace the following items if applicable. Disconnect the serial connector module cable 1 from the system board. DriveLock prevents unauthorized access to the contents of a hard drive. See the Windows online Help utility to learn more about backing up your files.

This manual also for: HP and Windows Password Guidelines. You might sergice the product number and the serial number when you contact Customer Care.

Top Cover Removal and Replacement Procedures 5. Plug the other end of the cable into a network wall jack 2. Hardware and Software Guide 7— Boots from Reseat Done Got it, continue to print. Shut down the notebook.

To install a security cable: This guide is a troubleshooting reference used manuao maintaining. Expansion Memory Module Slot To add or upgrade a memory module in the expansion memory module slot: As a result of increased power consumption, it is normal for the notebook to feel warm or hot when used continuously. Page Removal and Replacement Procedures 3. The following cautions apply to all drives.


Page 94 Removal and Replacement Procedures 6. For example, suppose that the notebook is connected to an optional docking device select models only that contains a hard drive. Page Np modem 2—26 network 2—26 nonfunctioning device 2—14 2—23 OS loading 2—15 overview 2—1 pointing device 2—25 power 2—8 video 2—12 Universal Serial Bus USB diskette drive, spare part number 3—13 3—16 Universal Serial Bus USB port location 1—9 1—11 pin assignments A—2 vents 1—21 video troubleshooting 2— Keyboard operating Done Done properly Replace system board.


The side of the memory module opposite the socket rises away from the notebook. Labels The labels affixed to the notebook provide information you might need when you troubleshoot system problems or travel internationally with the notebook. Ideally, use a can of compressed air with a straw extension to blow air in and under the keys. Lift the right side of the audio board 1, then lift the board out of the base enclosure 2.

Reinstalling Device Drivers And Other Switch cover Section 5. Swing the TouchPad up and to the left 1 until it rests on the palm rest. Press message is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen. Follow the instructions on the screen to find the software you want to update.

Entering Janual Administrator Passwords At the Administrator Password prompt, type your administrator password using the same kind of keys you used to set the passwordand then press enter.