Ibn-Fadlan Risala ca. AD. This is a Book of Ahmad Ibn-Fadlan ibn-al-‘ Abbas ibn-Rashid ibn-Hammad, a servant [1] of Muhammad ibn-Sulaiman, the. It was such trading raiders from the Rus that Ibn Fadlan met along the Ahmad Ibn Fadlan chronicled the voyage of an embassy sent from. Ahmad Ibn Fadlan met with the Vikings in Volga Bulgaria. His chronicle called Risala includes detailed information and observations about them. The travel.

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And I heard them saying: Each of them has a slave-girl who waits on him, washes his head and prepares his food and drink, and another whom he uses as concubine. They laid her down beside her master and two of them held her feet, two her hands. It is better, than if she would cover it and at the same time would concede it to somebody”.

This page was last updated on: And if the leader dies, his family ask his slave-girls and slave-boys, “Who among you will die with him? When they came to his grave, they removed the soil from the wood and then removed the wood, taking him in the izar in which he died, and, I saw, that he has turned black because of the coldness of the country.

Then we departed from him. The men came with their shields and sticks and handed her a cup of alcohol over which she chanted and then drank. She ibh some words and they lowered her again. In fact I saw some Guzzes that owned ten thousand horses and hundred thousand heads of sheep.



Ahmad ibn Fadlan – Wikipedia

And the same way they deal with the woman too. We were waiting for the night azan. And here comes the comment No 69 and an innocently looking translation of “Sakaliba” as “Kipchak” in the name Baris As-Saklabi Kipchakand the blind eye that eisala turned to it by the august scientific censors.

So, Allah be the witness, I am really in the remote location, where you see me, but I really respect my Lord, the ruler of the righteous, and I particulerly afraid that he would hear about me something that he would consider disgusting, so that he would damn me and I will perish in my far location, while he would remain in his state and between me and him would be the expenses of the far countries.

One noteworthy aspect of the Volga Bulgars that Ibn Fadlan focused on was their religion and the institution of Islam in these territories. In it we accidentally met Ibn-Karan, the supporter rksala ad-Da’iand therefore we hid in a caravan and went rapidly until we reached Nayshabur.

The tunic probably corresponds to Old Norse kyrtill”a knee-length tunic with sleeves which was worn belted.

Bad clothing For examples of what Buliwyf’s warband and the hapless inhabitants of Rothgar’s hall should have been wearing, consult the resources on my clothing page. Then they loaded their clothes and belongings, and when they were full in each road bag ihn a group of five, six, four, more or less.

The oldest catalogue of fadoan Meshkhed library, compiled under direction of Mutavalli-bashy mirza Muhammad Husein Afzud-al-Mulk, who in was an envoy of Persia to Petersburg. Meanwhile the slave drinks every day and sings, giving herself over to pleasure. The full description begins:. The peascod breastplate was shaped to imitate the fashionable doublet of the period.


The slave-girl drink and sing every day happy with the future. The morion helmet was immortalized by the Spanish Conquistadores but was in use in many countries during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Risala: Ibn Fadlan’s Account of the Rus

Friday afternoon they led the slave girl to a thing that they had made which resembled a door frame. For examples of what Fdlan warband and the hapless inhabitants of Rothgar’s hall should have been wearing, consult the resources on my clothing page. Then each piece of him and her is suspended on a tree. Their swords are of the Frankish variety, with broad, ridged blades. Oxford codex of Yakut.

Perception of the Vikings from Ibn Fadlan’s glance in al-Risala

This can explain the harshness of the following sentences written about them:. I myself saw her: I did not see in their country anything in larger inn than the walnut trees.

They have no modesty in defecation and urination, nor do they wash after pollution from orgasm, nor do they wash their hands after eating.