Ideology of the Future – Dr Muhammad Rafi-ud-din. likes. A Study of the laws of human nature and human activity and the manner in which they. Ideology of the Future has 19 ratings and 3 reviews. Aasem said: Rafiuddin takes on the case of religion and modernity from the best Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din Dr Rafi-ud-din elaborated the “philosophy of the self” efficiently in this book. About Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din: Introduction:Dr Mohammad Rafiuddin, born in Jammu in , is considered to be one of the greatest muslim philosophers in t.. .

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Hammad Saleem rated it it was dr.muhammad Mar 25, dr.mkhammad No associate has He. He cannot take for his ideal, that he consciously and deliberately, the idea of anything believes to be dead or lifeless. The nature of their ideology guarantees their continued happiness and contentment. Skip to main content. A man who has a realiza tion of Beauty and expresses it by means of contemplation in the form of Zikr and Fikr but does not express it in all his daily actions, can never rise to higher and higher levels of self-knowledge.

The Ideology of the Future by Dr Muhammad Rafiuddin – Free Download PDF

Thus his action becomes nobler and purer, safer from slips and errors and more in accordance with the qualities of Beauty.

It is meant to serve, among other things, as the nucleus as well as the model of his entire practical life in which Zikr also has a place as a member of a society of believers.

Faith subsists between fear and hope. Then when He calls from the earth lo! The direct vision of the Creator Ihsan possible to have a direct vision of the Creator?


Dr. Muhammad Rafiuddin | In Quest for Meaning

Doing good means worshipping Allah as if you see Him. When other things are it is always in proportion to their intelligence.

The rising of one ideal and the lowering of another in a person s estimate of beauty is simultaneous, like the rising and falling of the two ends of a see-saw, so that when a man has spurned one ideal he is already ideologyy another. His view of things is distorted and his judgment of men and matters is vitiated. A man who acts rightly once finds it easier to act rightly again.

Muhammad Murtaza rated it it was amazing Mar 18, To the child, the most satisfactory objects are those that satisfy his instinctive desires like eating, possessing, self- asserting, playing, etc.

Nor shall We set up a balance for them on the day of Resurrection.

We are your friends in thisworld s life and in the Hereafter and you have therein what you ask for. Its disregard for most of the requirements of Beauty and Goodness interferes with and restricts its efforts to satisfy even the few requirements of Beauty that it cares for.

Ideology of the Future: A Study of the Laws of Human Nature and Human Activity and the Manner ..

The real love of an ideal is never stationary. The realization of the inner defects of dr.muhamad ideal on the part of an ideal-group is hastened by its external defeats and discomfitures. Surely man is in loss, except those who believe and do good and exhort one another to Truth thee exhort one another to patience. That is why such people are men tioned by the Quran as follows: Evil doing is the result of a prolonged evil-thinking.

Saleem Arshad marked it as to-read Oct 11, The sources of wrong ideas The wrong with the Right Ideal have ideas conflicting their source either in the power of habits or in the power of instincts. A fundamental difference between an animal and a human being is that, while an animal only knows, feels and thinks, a man not only knows, feels and thinks but, while he does so, he also knows that he knows, feels and thinks.


The experience fully to those who is ineffable and cannot be described have not had it. Nay, most of them understand not. The reason is that he can oppose these desires only with the help of the power of his love ideoloby, therefore, increases in force and intensity in proportion ideeology the success of his effort to oppose them. The best of the moral deeds are those which are performed regularly. Dr Mohammad Rafiuddin, born in Jammu in rfiuddin, is considered to be one of the greatest muslim philosophers in the 20th century.

The Ideology of the Future by Dr Muhammad Rafiuddin

Fearing he should stoop to an action which lest is contrary to the urge of his nature and lose the love of his Creator he makes an immediate effort to expel the evil idea from his mind and succeeds in his effort. Hence they become his ideal. It is utterly unable to see its way towards its destination and remains groping for it indefinitely, surrounded by the utter darkness of its mis deeds.

His realization of Beauty undergoes further deterioration.