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But the power I radiate, the power of my clear and sober consciousness keeps him away. I know, I just know this disembodied monster is Evil itself. I am not that!

It is apparent, however, that everyone around me is in constant, chaotic motion. No human being can be my complementary half. Come, let us unite in love, you dearest of creatures, my one and only heavenly initierfa. Your arms are crossed in front of your breast. They are centres of force haaich streams of energy which take effect invisibly.

Not I am you, but I am that I am and you are also what I am! Why do they have to repeat it a hundred times? Another one of my first impressions of this place is the strange smell in the air … the smell of overheated human bodies … not exactly unpleasant, but nevertheless repugnant to me. He cannot reach me. The book also describes a little of a more recent claimed previous life in which she was a washing-woman, was abandoned by her lover, lost contact with her daughter, and ended up a beggar on the streets.

Come, lay your sweet little head upon my breast! But even when they are so keyed up that their whole bodies tingle and tremble with passion, they never lose their dignity … they never carry on like these people here.


The outside world has ceased to exist for them. It was described by her followers mentioned in the introductions to her book as visible in her gaze: A piece of stone—rigid, hard and dead! And why is this man veiled in a dense mist? Views Read Edit View history. You are subject to my law of cooling, contraction and solidification. I watch them with growing amazement. To be sure I have seen animals during mating season when nature is creating a new generation. And perhaps all these other men and women who are behaving in just as impossible a manner?

You carry me about in your subconscious, just as I carry you in mine, and even without wanting to we seek each other with the irresistible attractive force that comes from our belonging together in the paradisiacal state.

Elisabeth Haich

The monster spreads out over me, swallows me, and in a moment I feel I am no longer myself. Alive and conscious, yet locked up and immovable, grown into this tomb, with no possibility of giving so much as a elisaberh of life … to be a heavy, dead stone! His breath is hot, and I find it very revolting for him to be breathing into my face and down my neck. I look around to see where this voice may have come from.

Slowly they come closer and stare at me like two eyes. I am the dimensionless self, a spirit beyond any concept of time and space! How could she possibly hope to find happiness through a physical embrace without spiritual content? And perhaps the woman, who goes on answering his nonsense, too? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

These awful eyes bore into me, and through me, through my entire being, swallowing me irresistibly into themselves as if I were being sucked into a hajch maelstrom.


How could she possibly hope to find happiness through mere trifling play of the body? The points of light are sucked up by this force, destroyed.

How do you expect to be able to haixh to paradisiacal unity without me? In with Selvarajan Yesudianwho arrived in Hungary from India inthey founded Europe’s first yoga school in Budapest.

Elisabeth Haich INITIEREA All

Nobody is left … Nothing more … only a sea of flames, devouring and consuming everything … But I stand untouched, unscathed, and I am that I am! How do you expect to get the experience you absolutely need, without me? He surrounds me, trying to force himself into my mouth … into my body. He steps over towards us. Is he mentally ill? Why should I permit myself to be delayed by hunger and thirst on my path to God?

Why should I be inhaling air he has already used up? I know that two eyes are staring at me. One never finds the complementary half outside oneself.

Elisabeth Haich – Yoga si sanatatea – [PDF Document]

Happiness is something one experiences in consciousness; happiness is in the self. And the priestesses, too, who serve in the temple of love, fulfil their duties with a noble attitude of spiritual dedication because they know in doing so they are laying an offering upon the altar of divine love.

The pleasures of the palate were never a temptation iniierea me. These people should be saved and awakened from their semi-conscious condition!