As use of PDF Converter Professional 4 with Interwoven WorkSite and DeskSite in our user community grows, improvements are continually. Autonomy iManage/Interwoven/WorkSite Edit App Setup Entry for Power PDF. Answer: Power PDF supports the following versions of iManage. WorkSite allows law firms to effectively consolidate all relevant As the first major WorkSite release after the merger of Interwoven and.

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Already tested in many firms, WorkSite 8. Eorksite delivers deep industry-specific solutions which reduces business process cycle time from initial collaboration through design, production, sales, marketing, IT and service.

The solution enables the management of all content and communications related to a contract, including e-mail. This will enable us to improve our efficiency, effectiveness and client service delivery, which are critical to our success.

Email This Stumble This. Autonomy iManage provide different types of filesite tool which helps professional service firm to maintain their workflow with the change of technologies. The new version features improved usability, better business-unit level configurations, and enhanced compliance capabilities. In future the complex management of any business organization will be too easy using these types of system and make a very impressive role in the management like enterprise search solution.

It have different kinds of features which almost solve all types of problems occurs during maintenance of business process. About Interwoven Interwoven, Inc. Portlets offer an alternative home page for companies with employee and partner portals; – Virtual Folders – These aggregate content from across the repository using a combination of full text and metadata search criteria.

The wasting cost of training and maintenance will be low and respective result defiantly will be good. Companies seek highly flexible software, such as a collaborative document management solution, that maximizes team performance and meet external standards such as compliance and security. Read more about us or learn how to advertise here.

Interwoven Announces WorkSite , Collaborative Document Management

MCC creates the true electronic equivalent of a case file by consolidating documents, e-mails, billing, contacts, and all other relevant content for any given matter in a single integrated file that is accessible both internally and externally woeksite departments and locations. For more information visit http: Claims is the first step in our use of the Market Repository.


This has kept a large number of small and medium businesses away from the efficiency benefits that a good document management solution can bring. The main aim of this software is to manage document, records and emails in an easy fashion. Our system fully supports MCC and enables firms to increase efficiency, provide better service to clients, and gain competitive workzite in the changing legal landscape.

Interwoven’s patented, award-winning ECM platform integrates the six pillars of content management: By Brice Workaite May 24, Net SDK – Companies can leverage their Microsoft skills to customize the desktop applications through the fully documented.

For a full list of product features and benefits, visit http: Similarly, the vast amounts of documentation involved in the process, ranging from initial design concepts to legal agreements, made document management an urgent need. Powered by Sitecore and Coveo. It includes conflict resolution when users re-synchronize content, maximizing productivity for busy, on-the-go professionals; – BEA Portlets – Portlets expose personal content such as subscriptions, checked out documents and workflow inbox, within the BEA WebLogic Portal.

There is a tremendous opportunity for vendors looking to offer new business products and services to their clients to layer their own business processes on top of WorkSite MP 4. Extending the industry’s only next-generation, integrated document management and collaboration platform, Interwoven recently announced the availability of Interwoven WorkSite MP 4 software, the latest version of its Collaborative Document Management offering. Interwoven leads the industry with a service-oriented architecture today and easy-to-use, best-in-class components and solutions.


As enterprises embark on collaborative projects such as new product introductions, deal and contract management and other general project management, they face common bottlenecks that stand in the way of peak performance. MCC represents a fundamental, user-centric design, which, for the first time, enables lawyers and other professional services practitioners to do in the electronic world what they have done for more than years in the physical world.


With this move to.

Interwoven Announces WorkSite 4.0, Collaborative Document Management

Interwoven leads the industry with a service-oriented architecture today and easy-to-use, best-in-class components and solutions. The complexity of the firm’s projects places a premium on collaboration, given the large and diverse external teams assembled for each development. Plus, the unique caching and security model of WorkSite MP 4. We also have a Reader Advisory Board.

Autonomy iManage Worksite formerly known as interwoven worksite is a kind of software related to IRM, records management and email management given by Collaborative Technology Solution has very effective in current software era. The new version continues to offer ISVs the most compelling platform for building solutions through an expanded set of Application Programming Interfaces, enhanced configuration and data modeling tools, and new compliance and records management features.

The firm was looking for a collaborative document management platform to collect, store and maintain important asset-related documents in a scalable, secure repository that provides efficient content access to both users of the system and easy integration to other enterprise applications. The streamlined process is expected to reduce the cost of processing claims, which requires multiple people and organisations to share documentation.

Traditionally, document management system had the impression of being expensive and complex, requiring technical expertise to implement and maintain. Unlike paper files, this virtual case file can be shared and accessed securely by clients and remote wkrksite, eliminating the delays and costs associated with e-mailing and shipping content.

Interwoven is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. As a result, firms can expedite client service, maintain financial growth, and retain talent. Interwoven Announces WorkSite 4.

Interwoven WorkSite 8.0 Now Commercially Available

Media releases are provided as is by companies and have not been edited or checked for accuracy. This provides workxite flexibility in being able to leverage existing corporate standards and multiple-platform support while at the same time delivering unmatched system performance and interoperability.

For more information visit: