I Am That: Talks On The Isha Upanishad – Kindle edition by Osho. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Content: Responding to a wide variety of questions, Osho gives straight talk on Talks on the Isha Upanishad, Talks given from 11/10/80 am to 26/10/80 am. OSHO-Kathopanishad mp3, 45, , kbps. OSHO-Kathopanishad mp3, 32, , kbps. OSHO-Kathopanishad mp3, 22,

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The woodcutter was perfectly happy with the copper mine and he did not believe this mystic – again! He is the lord of both the shores of life. I have been praying my whole life, but the idea never happened to me that one should ask anything. Give me little bits of windows, doors. And they have conditioned kpanishad to be a body and to be a mind.

And you can see within yourself: And if you insist in renouncing the dreams, that simply shows that you are still dreaming. The scenes are for a moment there and then they are gone, but the screen remains the same. And one day he will come and for six months he will. I am in a danger: And all were surprised that he has become suddenly rich.


Product details File Size: You can play with those words and through that play you can express the inexpressible; the inexpressible can be hinted. You can practice Yoga: No outer person can be ypanishad any help. The person who tortures himself becomes a great saint. Shankara says it is unreal. Akbar was one of the greatest emperors who has ever lived on the earth.

Many scriptures of the world say: One day the mystic called him and he said, “You don’t come to see me any more. Whom you are trying to prove? There is nothing to renounce; they have evaporated by themselves.

But you have opened my eyes.

OSHO BOOKS : I AM THAT – Talks On The Isha Upanishad

Unless you have found your ultimate being you have not found anything, remember. It is a relative world, nothing is permanent here, that is true.

What they are asking? Both and More Now he used to work only one day and for the remaining week there was no need to work. It is fire, but out of this fire a totally new life is born. Farid lived very close to Delhi, and Akbar had tremendous respect for Farid. This is a way of converting, exploiting poor people, exploiting their poverty.

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Inexpressible – Isa Upanishad – World? – Osho Online Library

Freedom from the self it. Let me give it a try. The old dreams are replaced by a new dream. It was enough to feed his family, not only to feed but even invite guests, friends. And the moment time disappears, death disappears.

Light travels in one second, one hundred eighty-six thousand miles – in one minute sixty times more, In ten minutes six hundred times more.

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Prayer is significant only when you have done all that you are capable of; then your prayer has a sincerity. Remember, God is the lord of light but not light itself; he is also the God of darkness. Upaniishad is ultimate let-go. Sreekantha Holla rated it it was amazing Aug 07,