Patriots has ratings and reviews. Patrick said: For any man who’s ever wanted to be a Hero With a Gun but was too gutless to join the military. blames Wesley, Rawles \ Movfl urifii; 1 urHuknl fuUirc EXPANDED EDITION ! PATRIOTS A NOVEL OF SURVIVAL IN THE COMING COLLAPSE JAMES. The Paperback of the Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse by James Wesley Rawles at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on.

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The book was released on 4 October Rawles describes how to prepare against a post-disaster society that suffers looting, armed violence and food shortages. If it is a bible, they are a go Wow. Those who didn’t die. Perhaps the looters could be seen punching a baby. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker.

Patriots (Patriots , book 1) by James Wesley Rawles

Jan 19, Jack rated it really liked it. Rawles interprets the 2nd Amendment as supporting citizens’ individual rights to bear and keep arms. Tactics, Techniques and Technologies for Uncertain Times. There is interest in optioning a spin-off pateiots, and perhaps a movie deal, just for the door itself.

A Novel of the Coming Collapse is a contemporaneous sequel that parallels the events that occur in Patriots and Survivors.

Retrieved 5 May A man who makes comfortable shoes with soles made out of used tires soon finds himself a rich man when no one can find shoes anywhere anymore. The plot will progress a little bit, then Rawles will spend the next 4 or 5 pages describi I bought this book after looking at the high overall score it got, and after reading a rrawles of the good reviews. The Sacramento BeeDecember 29,p. Includes a full glossary.


The Writings of James Wesley, Rawles

Overall, I find the actions of the “patriots” in the book reprehensible, if not somewhat understandable. Rawles is a former U. Oct 20, Nick rated it did not like it. I read tried to read a nonfiction book by this author on preparedness.

A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse is a contemporaneous sequel novel that parallels the events that occur in PatriotsSurvivorsand Founders including perspectives from Melanesia and Australasia as well as the USA.

Later on in the book they have a child at the retreat and they name the kid “Jacob Edward Samuel, Gray”.

No longer protected by American military interests, Australia must repel an invasion alone. Internet Life magazine, September pxtriots, p. Patriots is a thrilling narrative depicting fictional characters using authentic survivalist techniques to endure the collapse of the American civilization. The “plot” of the first part of the book is basically everyone getting together on their compound and weathering it out for a few years, as America goes to hell and they have to deal with looters who are Marxists and cannibals and implied to be gay and other prepper militias.

The LDS church tells it’s members to hang on to some extra food, water, and tools, just in case.

James Wesley Rawles

The New York Times. In MarchRawles formulated patdiots American Redoubt movement. Our day to day lives can be very abruptly changed by an economic collapse just as horrificly as they could be by a major terrorist attack.

They also went through many military-style training courses usually taught by other members who charged their fellow preppers exorbitant amounts of money to attend courses. Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Jsmes is a non-fiction book drawn primarily from his posts on SurvivalBlog. To conclude, any body who gave this book more than 2 stars hasn’t read nearly enough books.


There was often very little to distinguish one character from another, aside from their stated position at the ranch or a character’s description as the only Jew or the only agnostic or the only character to consistently oppose armed conflict. You learn repercussions to people’s choices.

The Coming Collapse 5 books. I think I will stick to Rawles non-fiction. America is in the thrall of a full-scale socioeconomic breakdown Rawles is an proponent of family preparedness, especially regarding food storage [61] and advocates relocating to dawles populated rural ” retreat ” areas.

Contrary to the assertions of many hames, Patriots did have an editor. I wish I had my money back on this book, it is truly pathetic and a waste of money. And this opinion from a Conservative Constitutional Libertarian? Some of their actions including accosting citizens on public roads, summarily executing Communist cannibals, stringing up the bodies pstriots looters, and using chemical weapons against an occupying force, but they make sure they pay their property tax in advance and that no one in their militia is sleeping around.