According to popular accounts, Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers, by Jean-Claude Pressac (New York: Beate Klarsfeld Foundation;. We are extremely grateful to The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation for permission to present Jean-Claude Pressac’s extraordinary book AUSCHWITZ: Technique and . Les crématoires d’Auschwitz: la machinerie du meurtre de masse by Jean- Claude Pressac(Book) 17 editions published between and in French .

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Instead, he was asked to study and photograph the ruins of crematoria in search of “false interpretations” of visible objects.

Jean-Claude Pressac – Wikipedia

In the French version he mentions a total oftovictims; in the German version,tostill an exaggeration of around percent. Why did they wait until they were already completed and then make necessary alterations by primitive manual means? At any rate, Auschwitz: La machinerie du meurtre de masse [17] The Crematories of Auschwitz: Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”?

My Unanswered Challenge SinceI have repeated a challenge: Archived from the original on 17 July In fact, it is a simple letter, a commercial letter, with no mention of secrecy, from the German firm of Topf and Sons to the Auschwitz construction office ” Bauleitung “. If mass exterminations in gas chambers had really taken place, they would have left behind so much evidence that resorting to “criminal traces” would have been superfluous.

Furthermore, Pressac states that the exhaust gasses of diesel engines and spark ignition engines are equally deadly when used for homicidal purposes, page 16 even though it is well established that the exhaust from spark-ignition engines is many times more deadly than that of diesel engines. The University of Sydney. The “39 criminal traces” of Auschwitz: The change in format has been designed to flow naturally, page by page, with all of the illustrations and charts in the original book.


We have tried to standardize the references by using the MLA Style handbook. The truth is that national conscience does not care for sad stories. During his collaboration with Faurisson, Pressac had visited Auschwitz several times and gained the trust of the staff of the Auschwitz Museum.

Stop giving me words.

The ‘Holocaust’ propagandists were undeterred by such minor jran, however. The truth is that exaggeration of the extent of the concentration camp system is like squaring the circle – it means declaring that black is white. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The life of a zombie is not inspiring, since pain suffered is exploited and converted into jingling coins: In order to set up a list of jena that you have access to, you must first login or sign up.

The French version was never published. Thus he was forced to acknowledge the methodological principle of revisionists that, when a contradiction arises between witness statements and empirical science, the latter is definitive. But as I pointed out, there is nothing in this page book about the alleged execution gas chambers, except what Pressac himself called, instead of “proofs,” only “beginnings of proofs” or “criminal traces.

Instead, however, pfessac admits that the eyewitness testimonies vlaude which he bases his findings including the well-known accounts of Miklos Nyiszli and Charles Bendel are riddled with errors, absurdities, inventions, and contradictions.

Rudolf, “Gutachter- und Urteilsschelte”, VffG 4 1pp. Of the 60 documents ppressac cites, none really pertain to execution gas chambers, except one that Pressac describes as a proof not more than one of the existence of one execution gas chamber in Auschwitz.

Although a pharmacist, Pressac has as tenuous a grasp on the physical sciences as on historiography. It is equally obvious that orders for mass murder would have been required before the facilities began committing such atrocities.


I need a full picture of one of those fantastic chemical slaughterhouses. Pressac was originally a Holocaust denier who, with Robert Faurissonattempted to disprove what he considered historically inaccurate depictions of the concentration camps as extermination camps.

Open to the public Book; Illustrated English Unknown library code: Subsequently, as Pressac wrote in the article, the delousing facilities were converted to extermination facilities, that is to say homicidal gas chambers.

Mattogno, Concentration Camp Presacop.

Jean-Claude Pressac

He was determined to scientifically prexsac the question of the crematories of the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz even though he lacked the competence to undertake such a task. The engineer who signed the letter says that they have tried in vain to get from five different firms the ten required gas detectors and that, if they ever do, they will tell the construction office.

It got even worse, however. In a famous film, “Night and Fog” ” Nuit et Brouillard “which is shown in every school in France and many in the United Statesthe figure of the dead in Auschwitz is said to have been nine million.

Claude Lanzmann, maker of the Holocaust film “Shoah,” is incensed at Pressac. We are honored by, and grateful to, Beate and Serge Klarsfeld of The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, owners of the copyright, for permission to share this important resource with millions of readers on the World Wide Web.

Since the existence of these ‘extermination facilities’ is unproven and we would not know, even if they had existed, to what extent they were used, Pressac’s figures have no scientific value whatsoever. These places sometimes needed fumigation.