Juniper Networks EX switch delivers a high-performance, flexible and Use the form on the right to download Juniper EX Ethernet Switch Datasheet. DATASHEET. EX Ethernet Switch. Entry-Level Access Switch with. Virtual Chassis Technology. Product Overview Juniper Networks EX switch. Juniper EX Ethernet Switches from BuyJuniper are in stock. Request pricing on Juniper EX today!.

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Juniper Networks products should be installed in an environment suitable for electronic equipment. Rack requirements consist of Page 95 Chapter 8: Be aware of potentially hazardous conditions that could cause further injury. Electrical Safety Guidelines and Warnings Page 60 – Table See the specification for your receiver to find the maximum receiver input power. To prevent airflow restriction, allow at least 6 in.

Lightning Activity Warning Waarschuwing Tijdens onweer dat gepaard gaat met bliksem, dient u niet aan het systeem te werken of kabels aan te sluiten of te ontkoppelen.

Juniper ex3300 datasheet pdf download

Indicates the USB port for the switch. Health Status Panel Table Secure power source cables to the power supply by screwing the ring lugs attached to the cables to the appropriate terminals by using the screw from the terminals see Figure 36 on page Page 42 – Table The power budget is the lowest of all EX series PoE switches, and notably insufficient to run high-power Powered Devices PD’s on all ports simultaneously.

Optical Interface Support for About the Documentation For international or direct-dial options in countries without toll-free numbers, see http: Page Le seguenti direttive vengono fornite per garantire la sicurezza personale: Fortigate d data sheet enhancing the security fabric. Le seguenti direttive vengono fornite per garantire la sicurezza personale: Page – Switch Page – Figure Page 67 Page 68 – Table The switch shipment includes a packing list.


Juniper EX-Series

Place the transceiver in the antistatic bag or on the antistatic mat placed on a flat, stable surface. If the AC power source outlet has a power switch, set it to the ON position. Fan tray Mouse over the fan tray icons to display name, status, and description information. The total PoE power budget varies between models.

Il Juniper Networks switch deve essere installato in un telaio, il quale deve essere fissato alla struttura dell’edificio. Auxiliary port—This port is unavailable. Table 5 on page 9 summarizes the physical specifications of the EX switch chassis. The juniper networks ex line of ethernet switches with virtual chassis technology combines the carrierclass reliability of modular systems with the economics and flexibility of stackable platforms, delivering a highperformance.

EX Ethernet Switch – Juniper Networks

Parts List for an EX Ed3300 Fire Safety Requirements In addition, you should establish procedures to protect your equipment in the event of a fire emergency. Event Displays a more detailed explanation of the message.

The equipment must be connected to an earthed mains socket-outlet. Ensure that you have the following parts and tools available: Virtual Chassis port VCP status: Graphical Chassis Viewer Table November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The Juniper EX series consists of models which differ in the direction of the airflow used for cooling and the support satasheet Converged Enhanced Ethernet. Download ex ethernet switch juniper networks pdf download ex ethernet switch juniper networks free pdf, download ex ethernet. You might do this for initial switch configuration. The Juniper series is built on modular chassis used for data centers and large corporate offices.


Connect the power supply to the power sources.

After you specify the filters, Event Summary displays the events matching the specified filters. Juniper networks ex series fixed-configuration ethernet switches 8 pages.

Mounting the Switch on a Wall Rear panel Hang attached brackets on wall-mounted screws. In the data center, it simplifies operations to align the network with fast-changing business requirements.

Table 25 on page 42—Describes the chassis viewer for EX switches. If possible, send another person to get medical aid. Press the button to go to the next option in the Status menu. EX switches are maximally protected inside the shipping carton.

See Figure 27 on page Placing a Component into an Antistatic Bag Optimized for the data center, the switches offer front-to-back and back-to-front cooling options, and can be configured with a DC power supply.

Your Datashet engineer might recommend that you check the third-party optic or cable and potentially replace it with an equivalent Juniper Networks optic or cable that is qualified for the device.