Junta: Las Cartas provides the full experience of its big brother Juntain a compact card game format. At the Download the Junta rulebook Part One / Part Two. Occasional gunfire echoes through the night, and a bloodsucking junta rules You are members of the eponymous Junta of the “República de las Bananas”. Junta is a board game designed by Merlin Southwell first published in by Creative and marines in the event of a coup. The rulebook makes reference to the “ceremonial shelling of the Presidential Palace” at the beginning of a coup.

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Should a loyalist attack a Palace Guard unit, he becomes a rebel. Coups are a tactical game within the game that may result in the replacement of the President and unfortunate players being sent to the junts squad. With its wonderful sense of comical menace, political instability, and institutionalized corruption, Junta is a hoot and a half to play.

The side controlling three or more of the vital buildings is victorious. Pages using deprecated image syntax Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Articles with permanently dead external links. Assassination attempts by junts Minister’s secret police may not take place at the Bank two turns in a row.

The players of Junta represent corrupt and powerful Banana Republic families. Ruleboook scheming player can benefit by concealing their true objectives to gain a favourable position to negotiate from. Each cabinet position note: Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.


Junta (game) – Wikipedia

After the First Rebel has initiated the coup, all players in turn are given a chance to act. Retrieved from ” https: Although there officially are the two sides of rebels and juntxin-faction fighting may take place as players change sides or seize opportunities of gaining a stronger position.

If allowed, any player may start a coup, thus becoming First Rebelby playing a card to place units on the board, moving any unit or bombarding the presidential palace. The combat rules are fairly complex. A Pro-Junta loyalist takes no part in the election. The risk a player takes on in declaring himself the First Rebel is that he will also end up being the only rebel, and suffer reprisals in the wake of an unsuccessful coup.

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. An rulebookk player discards his political cards and hands over his pocket money to the President.

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Junta (game)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A player in exile is gulebook from executions and assassinations, but is very limited in all but the social aspects of the game.


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All three events have the effect of liquidating the President’s assets and delivering his cash to his assassin or successor. If the budget failed but was forced through by the Minister of Internal Security, the bank is closed for lunch until after the coup phase.

A rebel may choose to be Pro-Presidentand a loyalist may see reasons to become Rulebiok. The side that loses the most units from combat must retreat to an unoccupied adjacent area.

Locations are as follows:. If the President has been assassinated, a new President is elected immediately after the last assassination has been resolved.

Steam Workshop :: Junta [ENGLISH]

If the budget fails the President keeps all the money, unless fulebook Minister forces the budget to pass. Dice rollingCountingSocial skills. After an assassination attempt has taken place at the Bank, an indicator on the board is changed to indicate that the “Bank is Safe” from the secret police for a turn.

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