Is anyone using this software to receive weatherfaxes and rtty transmissions? I am trying the freeware version without much success so far. JVComm32 is a multipurpose program for the reception of HF-FAX Licence Free to try | $ OS Support Windows Downloads Total. The other minor problem is that JVComm32’s normally helpful “help” file displays the list topics in the “find” function in German. The rest of the “help” file is in.

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Unlike the fairly unobtrusive JVComm32 nagging message on the weather jvco,m32, Mscan Meteo Fax displays in very large letters the program name on the weather chart. Connected with stereo cable and mono adapter, I get sound from the computer’s speakers just fine but nothing but “static” on the fax screen. Getting a clean signal is not obvious depending on how much RF noise exists in your location. The input you use depends on the level coming from the radio.

JVComm32 – Download page

Then receive some, correct the skewness is the word? Bottom paints, topside paints, varnishes, waxes, protectants, cleaners, metal polishes. This also happened to us when we applied the skew correction.

Originally Posted by mattyc. As I recallthe problem was the skew setting was way off, jvcomm32 I think I found something in the manual to use as an initial setting and then used the program to correct the lines to vertical. Learn Before Going The learning curve on using these programs for basic HF weatherfax reception is not steep.


On our test system, the demodulator would not function with the AF output; instead, we used the loudspeaker output.

$68 JVComm32 Best Buy in PC-Based HF Weatherfax

I too can get the audio input level into the green, but only momentarily. I can’t get it working.

Beneteau Catalina Hunter Jeanneau Searunner. There are no ToolTips available with the icons. It was easy to use and did what it was supposed to do. Privacy Guaranteed – your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time. Boat internet system recommendations.

You will absolutely need to find or build an adapter cable to connect with the radio. Other countries also broadcast weatherfax information.

The demodulator was the only one tested that requires an external power supply. Sign up to our Newsletter Get jvcomm23 latest news and links in your email. Oh, if we could just see what he saw!

WeatherStation HW was also the only program tested that failed while it was running. This means that the program will wait until it detects the start pulse of the incoming HF weatherfax chart.

On most boats, supplying AC power to the demodulator is not an option. The same with the ‘spectrum’ window. Need Help on Hull Construction. I am having the same problem as mattyc. We did find a program problem during the evaluation. EXE file in the Win95 folder under Stat Installation went off without a hitch and took less than 10 minutes.

It turned out that one side of the card was 0. I am using an unshielded adapter cable can’t find shielded as yet in Borneo.


Hello All, Thanks for the advice so far. Sometimes, purposely tuning off the proper frequency by Hz or less can improve the picture quality.

Download JVComm32 registration

HamScope – HamScope is a freeware windows multi-mode communications package for a Tips on marine safety gear, boat-handling, and emergency procedures.

However, we did find that four out of five products tested had no appreciable difference in received chart clarity. Could this be the issue or am I missing something jvcom32 still? The non-standard Windows interface caused us many issues. This scanning continues for the entire page. Once these are entered, WeatherFax will not use these settings until after you exit the program and restart it there is a warning that pops up hep the screen to remind you.

This tuning aid was the best of all the programs tested. Expert guidance on choosing a mainsail, jib, or spinnaker. Thanks for all the suggestions. HF weatherfax broadcasts consist of two tones—a tone for a black level and a different tone for a white level. It will capture weather charts and photos from any sources, including the Internet, satellites and HF broadcasts. Use search on the threads as there is some relevant info on this forum posted not long ago.

PC HF Facsimile 8. My suspicion is that there is a problem with getting the signal to the computer. For example, you need to select at least one satellite to track.