Has anyone purchased this and can you give me the thumbs up thumbs down, expensive for something that could be achieved in seven. Ken Dyne – Whisper – hello, your order is download magic product, send via email please tell me your email address if you accept best wishes. Saving money on events could mean the difference between going ahead and cancelling. Particularly relevant in today’s climate, Kennedy has distilled his life’s .

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Mar 6, Messages: With that being said I love the book am more than happy with my purchase. Denver, Colorado, United States.

Have you ever been caught out when someone says “show me something”? I think Kennedy is a chancer Members of your audience are given cards to shuffle. There is no pre-show and no stooging at all. I have had so much fun with this idea the only real draw back is that I wasn’t sure if I was where it should go in my show.

In this particular case the items are simply decks of cards not very expensive.


Firstly let me state that this is very difficult product to review, especially on these forums. Estimated on or before Fri.

PDF Ebook Whisper by Ken Dyne (Download) [download] – $ : 52magicdownloads

Very clear and simple, I want more of that in mentalism and magic. James, and Eastwell Manor. Nothing repetitive here, each idea is poles apart from each other contributor.

Imagine being able to send an Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. Jul 17, Doesn’t matter, I still love this trick. It’s super limited edition and is for the serious professional only.

Spoiler Alert hopefully not: You will never be stuck for something to do and what’s more you will understand exactly how to turn that apparent off the cuff moment in to money and bookings. Ken goes on to discuss every detail about the effect about where he got the idea from to its current inception.

Customers who whisepr this product also purchased Once purchased, I realized that the routine included all ideas in which I had already know- but that is ok!!! She starts to write on the pad in her hands. Euan4 Regular user Scotland Posts. If Ken Dyne book is worth it Ok, every thing is good about this; but most of all it is great fun to perform.


Whisper -Ken Dyne

Add to Watch list Add dynd wish list. Thank you for sharing Hijacked, Ken Dyne! Which is probably closer to the real price. Ken does a great job on the download. Aaron E Special user Posts. Did this review help you? There’s ALOT of good stuff coming out right now, I think the guys all do it on purpose and laugh about dynw in the pub afterwards! The End by Rick. Important things to note: I much rather pay a little too much for a quality product with limited distribution, then pay a bargain price for a so so effect that everyone and their brother can get.

Special user Vancouver Canada Posts. This actually was something I have was going to talk about as its own standalone essay and I kem plan to.