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This was scientifically demonstrated inthe year before Quantum Questions was originally released, and has been confirmed repeatedly since then.

Salut untuk penulis yang mampu menerjemahkan buku ini hingga lebih mudah dipahami bagi saya yang bukan penyuka buku filsafat. I think Wilber has a lot right but has dangerous perspectives on globalism and sexuality. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Don’t get me wrong, i can see how an integral vision would be fantastic for us, the planet, other inhabitants, etc.

Much the same as you cannot force a child to think like an adult.

Menarik bagi yang ingin mencoba sesuatu yang berbeda dalam kehidupan ini. Very interesting read but flawed. Or have you, like most folks who find themselves nerding around on a booklovers social network, evolved beyond merely Green, but on to a higher, transpersonal color level?

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I wasn’t as annoyed by it the second time as I was the first time. Paperbackpages. Wulber rigorous attack on both modernism and postmodernism are well placed I think, but I can’t stop feeling that he is a b Ken Wilber does a good job of quickly explaining ideas and categorizing other’s ideas. Jul 09, Clay Zdobylak rated it liked it. Wilber also points out what a dangerous predicament the world is now in — what with the readily available technologies, capability of mass destruction, accessible to almost anyone one need not be highly evolved.

I personally am in a constant struggle to integrate and balance the various areas of my life and my self I think many people areso it’s nice to be reminded of ways in which I can do that. Interesting read, but don’t expect any amazing revelations of true spiritual conversion by any of these scientists.

I was concerned before I read the book that Wilber’s integral movement was cult-like but he explains why and tuvo th This book might just have changed my life.


Ken Wilber – Határok nélkül

Individual mystics may personally identify with one religion or another but the practice of mysticism as a path is found in all the major religions and is, in and of itself, areligious. An area of spirituality that he concludes we all have and need. Kekasih pujaan jiwaku Aku selalu berpikir optimis untuk dapat melalui semua urusan kita Tak ada lelah dan tak ada hentinya selalu berpikir positif Kekasihku Hari-hari belakangan semua energi kita terkuras dan jika tidak ada optimisme Tak kuasa aku tuk menegakkan badan alias berdiri Detik, menit, jam terus maju membentuk hari, minggu dan bulan yang tidak dapat kita ulang Aku tak sanggup untuk menghentikan waktu wahai kekasih hatiku Jika aku bisa menghentikan Apalagi memutar waktu mundur Alangkah spektakulernya Untuk kekasih hatiku Semoga engkau sabar dalam mendampingiku sebagai bayang diriku Pendapat itu dituangkan dalam sebuah kalimat bahwa dunia ini berjalan dalam harmoni karena setiap bagian berhubungan satu sama lain, yang belakangan, dibuktikan oleh teori dawai atau juga dikenal dengan teori induk dalam dunia fisika.

I was concerned before I read the book that Wilber’s integral movement was cult-like but he explains why and how that isn’t his intention. Only dig deeper if you have a good knowledge of the Clare Graves Values levels.

Foreign translations of the books of Ken Wilber

Pada tiap akhir bab, kita akan menemukan catatan yang lumayan panjang guna memberi penjelasan mengenai suatu hal yang diungkapkan dalam bab tersebut. With this in mind, the real purpose of the book is to orient the reader towards their current position.

I’ve been doing personal work on consciousness and ego development this year so finally reading this book was an “oh, now I understand” teorai. Clearly, I do feel that Wilber has a lot to offer to the nuanced, open-minded reader. I know it all sounds condescending or at least it would to the people at those levelsbut that’s a huge part of the problem with Integral Theory: Masalahnya mungkin bagaimana membuat review yang mudah dipahami. Hal ini dikarenakan, penyakit bukan sekadar terkait dengan keadaan fisik, namun juga mental dan spiritual, sehingga pengobatan harus dilakukan secara menyeluruh.

Brings together for the 1st time the mystical writings of the world’s great physicists – all of whom express a deep belief that physics and mysticism are somehow fraternal twins.

A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science & Spirituality

Lists with This Book. Ken Wilber does a good job of quickly explaining ideas and categorizing other’s ideas. But those might, in the end, suffice. He is a scientist, covering bases, and that takes space. It’s not a perfect book by any means and I don’t think the quality of the writing is 5 stars. Pada empat bab awal menguraikan mengenai segala hal tentang Teori Segala Hal, tiga bab selanjutnya mengulas hubungannya dengan dunia nyata dengan pembahasan dari sisi politik integral, bisnis integral, Buku yang lumayan berat bagi saya yang sedang butuh bacaan praktis.


This book is phenomenal. My third Wilber book in 3 years, this one is a brief overview of his ideas and probably the best entry point into these systems of thought.

Leia mais Leia menos. Wilber mostly lacks literary style with his writing, it instead reads like an enlighten This was the first Ken Wilber book I discovered on a book shelf in the Melbourne city library, it was wedged between my reading of Jung and Joseph Campbell and seemed to be exactly what I was searching for at the period.

Winter PS Winter Ten years have passed, and we here in America are in the beginning stages of choosing a president to lead us for the next four years. Als academicus heb ik op voorhand moeite met de meer mystieke aspecten van Wilber, terwijl spiritueel ingestelden moeite kunnen hebben met de meer wetenschappelijk-analytische delen van zijn werk. Trivia About A Theory of Every Nov 10, lallyiam added it. Embarrasingly Obvious Theory Of Everything. Dalam dinamika spiral, perkembangan kesadaran manusia memiliki delapan tahap yang masing-masing tahap dinamakan sebagai meme.

I assume that this was because of the fact that as the author correctly points out near the beginning I was already well aware of it all.

Are you an authoritative, religious Blue? And I think that the author may understand this. I think that this often makes him more of a sales person for his view, rather than an actual argumentative author. Fascinating book which starts a bit slow after a great introduction and builds from there.

The assumption that Wilber builds his theory upon- a “Great Chain of Being and Knowing- from matter to body to mind to soul to spirit”- in his own terms, holarchy, is a good one, but I thought Wilber did at best an incomplete job of fulfilling the extraordinary aspirations of this title.

Going up are organ, body, etc.