Robert Borden. William Lyon Mackenzie King. R. B. Bennett. After World War I King-Byng Crisis. Statute of Westminster. Great Depression. depression. Consumer Affairs Advisory Committee, Self-regulatory but as part of the filename. A complete list of the female red king crab stock is at or below threshold. the Byng Public Works Authority, Ada,. Oklahoma. own affairs ever since to manage even a suggestion. In the end, the . in finding Lord Byng as Commissioner of Police— just the man to . J. M. Hacker (1), P. J. King (1), D. W. P. Lewis (1), S. G. May (1), D. M. Marmot (1), M. A.. Mockford (1).

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King ran largely on the constitutional issue; what he framed as the interference by a British governor general with the rights of Canadians to govern themselves. Constitutional Reform The King-Byng Affair played a role in the Imperial Conference ofwhich began to put legal substance behind the Balfour Report declaration that Britain and the Dominions were constitutionally “equal in status.

He also sparked one of Canada’s greatest constitutional crises.

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The new House, largely due to the support of the Progressives, backed the minority Liberal government. Search The Canadian Encyclopedia. Although many Conservatives privately preferred an election, Meighen believed he was bound by honour and convention to accept Byng’s invitation. It all kicked off with a scandal involving customs officials taking bribes to overlook bootlegged U. On 30 October, King visited Byng after consulting with the rest of Cabinet and informed the Governor General that his government would continue until parliament decided otherwise.


Find National Post on Facebook. Canadian governors general would hereafter always follow affir advice of the Canadian prime minister.

Mackenzie King framed the campaign around the issue of a governor general who at this time was still a British citizen doing the bidding of London and interfering in how Canadian politicians run the country. Before that happened, however, King asked the governor general to dissolve Parliament and call fresh elections. A Life Guided by the Hand of Destiny.

It ended with King winning an eventual election, and no governor general ever again publicly refusing the advice of a prime minister. Canada’s Governors General, Meighen Becomes Prime Minister King resigned and informed Parliament he was no longer prime minister.

He gave up his own seat, but named fellow Conservatives as acting ministers, or ministers without portfolio, meaning, in his view, that they did not need to resign. The Liberals were infuriated over this usage of “acting ministers” and were able to get the Progressives to join them in a successful drive to bring down the Conservative fillename government, [9] the government losing confidence by only one vote.

This is not that story.

Byng then invited Conservative leader Arthur Meighen to form a government. Retrieved 23 January June 29, A Progressive MP, W. Article by Eugene A.

King–Byng affair

Nearly a century on, the King-Byng affair of is filenamw considered the mother of all constitutional crises in Canada and king-bynng example everyone turns to when serious drama breaks out in Parliament. Filed under News Canada. But Meighen did not take this approach.


Mackenzie King won a majority government. Article published July 30, ; last modified January 27, Everyone knows a bad reno story.

The catalyst was a fall fiscal update that included, among other things, a surprise cancelling of the per-vote subsidy that the opposition parties were more reliant on.

The King—Byng affair was a Canadian constitutional crisis that occurred inwhen the Governor General of Canadathe Lord Byng of Vimyrefused a request by his prime ministerWilliam Lyon Mackenzie Kingto dissolve parliament and call a affaiir election. William Lyon Mackenzie King: Woodsworth proposed amending Stevens’ amendment to remove affalr censure of the government and set up a Royal Commission to investigate the customs department further.

In the United Kingdom inthe Lascelles Principles expressed the relevant constitutional conventions in the matter, in which the King-Byng controversy served as one of the underlying precedents.

Queen’s Printer for New Zealandretrieved 6 December Arthur Meighen and his Conservatives formed a minority government. He would go on to win three more elections afterward and lost one in The affair began with the 29 October kinh-byng election which returned LiberalsConservatives and 28 ProgressivesLabour and Independents to Parliament.