Kissing Perfect By Lauren Barnholdt – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Although I enjoyed this story more than I did the first three, Kissing Perfect still had it’s flaws. For one thing, the relationship between the two. “Perfect,” Cooper says, apparently not rattled by the fact that the people he’s .. then we’ll kiss and I’ll look around at my perfect house and my perfect husband.

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Even though mature content is brought up in the book such as hooking up, sw Judging from the description of this book, I thought it was going to be a light and fun contemporary read that Laufen could get through fast.

I was really bored for a lot of it, but I kept on reading because it’s a review book and I like to at least try to get them finished. They exist purely to complicate the story, and readers are given no real insight into their motives. It really brought my liking and my rating of this book wayyy kiszing.

So what if what she has planned is kind of sort of illegal? Sure I would be angry but I feel Isaac’s anger about it was over the top.

I really enjoyed Kissing Perfect and I must admit I am kind of sad that there is not a fifth book, though may be a fifth couple from just one party will be a bit to much.

This was such a sweet book! I’m sorry, but how am I supposed to become invested in that? The girl did something that made my jaw drop.

Through to You

Fast paced, funny, realistic dialogue between teenagers. And while I feel this involves many of the characters, I want to talk about it specifically as it pertains to Marina Ruiz. And writing in it, and writing in it, and writing in it.


Written in two different perspectives to show every detail of their journey. They hang out, and kissig they ignore each other. I slide my finger under the envelope flap and pull out the piece of paper.

So sequel of this book please. I take no pleasure in writing negative reviews. But I started the notebook when I was twelve, so I figure I have a little bit of wiggle room in the psychiatric disorders department.

That fact alone scares the hell out of him.

As she did so she was opening her mouth, and to a casual observer it might have appeared that she was whispering his name into his ear tenderly. I had dinner with my sister and then I wrote about what I would say to … Well.

Kissing Perfect

Barnholxt didn’t tell him the truth because she was scared, she wished it didn’t happen and she broke his heart because it was the first time Isaac fell in love, and he gets lied to.

Josh is a player, super popular, super hot, and known for being a little bit read: World of Books Review: After the other 3 books, it was just cute, funny, and random.

The relationship between Harper and Penn seemed very rushed to me. Other than that – there isn’t much to say about the two.

I might be uptight. I love watching Harper and Penn dance around each other, collide, bounce back, collide again. I was hoping for a fun little summer romance read, and unfortunately Through to You wasn’t it. However my assumptions were wrong. However, I still wouldn’t recommend it to anyone since the characters are not developed, the romance is forced and close to pointless, and the whole story is extremely predictable that I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.


Through To You bzrnholdt a perfect summer read. The “Before” parts were as if the characters were explaining the incident to us in a story mode while the “Aftermath” was when there’s a break from the story and the characters start to argue about all of the details. Sometimes I wish more authors would right like this but then that would take away the unique quality of it.

Kissing Perfect (At the Party, #4) by Lauren Barnholdt

It makes me wonder what’ll happen next maybe Lauren Barnholdt’d write another series like After the Party. Ils sont mignons d’accord, mais qui peut bien tomber amoureux aussi vite? By the time it mattered, I was well past being a fan of Penn. Add to Cart Add to Cart. If I had the guts to, I mean. Maybe I’m getting old I’m 23 but I still read a lot of teen stuffor maybe I’m getting too picky. I found it hard to believe that after never feeling anything for a girl, that wasn’t sexual Penn is flipping out over Harper and when they break up psrfect weeks later, he’s still obsessing over her and her every move in their shared class.

It was kind of on the short perefct and while I do feel like the ending was a little kising rushed and I would have loved to seen more, I liked the way it ended.

But Penn luren he’s in no position for a relationship, but pursue’s one anyway, albeit a hot-and-cold one.