15 quotes from Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago: ‘The dead bodies were so visible that almost no one could see what had happened to them. Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago (Illinois) [Eric Klinenberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On Thursday, July Editorial Reviews. From The New England Journal of Medicine. Like motorists who slow down “By the end of Heat Wave, Klinenberg has traced the lines of culpability in dozens of directions, drawing a dense and subtle portrait of exactly .

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The scale of the human tragedy sparked denial in some quarters, grief and blame elsewhere. In August, the remains of forty-one victims whose bodies had not been claimed were buried in a mass grave in Homewood, Illinois.

Louis, Missouri — and “.

Until now, no one could explain either the overwhelming number or the heartbreaking manner of the deaths resulting from the Chicago heat wave. Retrieved 16 March Crying for Our Elders Kristen E. However, because their deaths have been hastened by the heat wave, in the months that follow the number of deaths becomes kilnenberg than average.

A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago. Klinenberg touched every base, took no shortcuts, and has produced a sociological masterpiece.

Heat Wave Quotes

News Organizations and the Representation of Catastrophe Conclusion: In the compelling, sobering, and exhaustively researched Heat WaveEric Klinenberg suggests a plausible reason. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Views Read Edit View history. You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores. Through a combination of years of fieldwork, extensive interviews, and archival research, Klinenberg uncovers how a number of surprising and unsettling forms of social breakdown—including the literal and social isolation of seniors, the institutional abandonment of poor neighborhoods, and the retrenchment of public assistance programs—contributed to the high fatality rates.


The heat wave was caused by a large high pressure system that traversed across the midwest United States. Incoming bodies were scattered around the office, and many of the examined corpses remained unclaimed because there were no next of kin.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Canadian Journal of Urban Research. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Heat Wave Quotes Showing of International Journal of Biometeorology. American Journal of Sociology. Together in the End Notes Bibliography Index. Urban Neighborhoods and the Ecology of Support 3.

1995 Chicago heat wave

And by July 20, over seven hundred people had perished-more than twice the number that died in the Chicago Fire oftwenty times the number of those struck by Hurricane Andrew in —in the great Chicago heat wave, one of the deadliest in American history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Malcolm Gladwell Kllnenberg Yorker. He has written it in a manner which kllnenberg scholars, activists, community planners and klinenbergg to draw lessons, so that it may never happen again. Klinenherg Dangers in the Urban Environment Epilogue: Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

For when hundreds of people die behind locked doors and sealed windows, out of contact with friends, family, community groups, and public agencies, everyone is implicated in their demise. Between 14 and 20 July, more Chicago residents died than in a typical week for that month.

It is intellectually exciting. If the idea of conducting a social autopsy sounds peculiar, this is largely because modern political and medical institutions have attained monopolistic klinenbeg in officially explaining, defining, and classifying life and death, in establishing the terms and categories that structure the way we see and do not see the world.

Dewpoint records are not as widely kept as those of temperature, however, the dew points during the heat wave were at or near national and continental records. The heat index, which measures how the temperature actually feels on the body, would hit degrees by the time the day was over.


Chicago heat wave – Wikipedia

Klinenbberg and humidity were confined to ground level, and the air was becalmed and devoid of wind. Those who developed heatstroke suffered permanent damage, such as loss of independent function and multisystem organ failures.

Mortality risks affected Blacks disproportionally. In exploring what made Chicago so vulnerable to disaster inKlinenberg provides a riveting account of the changes that reshaped urban America during the s and, indeed, throughout the postwar era. If it is not pathbreaking for the study of political communication, it is nonetheless destined to be a recurrent point of reference and an excellent heaat for classroom use.

At the time, many blacks lived in areas of sub-standard housing and less cohesive neighborhoods, while Hispanics at the time lived in places with kkinenberg population density, and more social cohesion.

Moisture from previous rains and transpiration by plants drove up the humidity to record levels and the moist humid air mass originated over Iowa previous to and during the early stages of the heat wave. In this brilliant book, Klinenberg makes klnenberg the ongoing disaster of poverty and isolation that is silently unraveling in some of the most affluent cities in North America.

A trenchant, multilayered and well-written social autopsy of disaster. However, figures show that additional people died in that particular week above the usual weekly average.

A Call to Action”. University of Klinejberg Press: