Komilla Sutton: Vedic Astrology. Planets Debilitated (SUN, VENUS) by Transit 2/2: Komilla Sutton Vedic Astrology – Duration: 10 minutes. views; 3. Komilla Sutton, Brentwood, California. K likes. , The Essentials of Vedic Astrology [Komilla Sutton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vedic astrology arises out of ancient cosmology and is.

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The planets and their energies are actually guiding you towards a different direction; they are going to focus your energy where it is correct anyway, regardless of whether you get it interpreted or not. It is used to look at the future direction of life. It doesn’t mean that I disagree if someone komills wants to work in another way.

They saw what you were able to take; what they could reveal to you, and what not. So I’m not very much in favour of the gems! What is your experience of people studying jyotish after some involvement with western astrology?

I must point out this is not a regular occurrence. It’s very important, if you have an issue, to talk about it, to think about it, to see what suttob can do. I run a Vedic komila practice in Romsey, which is a little town in Hampshire; but with my pioneering spirit, I feel comfortable doing something unusual.

suttpn But if you are not in a proper mood, or you are not feeling OK, then it is better to tell the client that you are going to do it another day. A person is not just the physical form we see of him, there are many layers of an individual – the mental, the subtle, unconscious, sub-conscious which they need to understand, if they are truly to be in harmony with themselves.

Not opt out, either – because very often people with such a transit will want to opt out – get divorced, get rid komilal whatever their lifestyle is, at that particular moment. With predicting death – two questions, really. It was part of the tradition. We use the lunar calendar, so every day has a very special energy. People start accepting more of issues that they don’t understand. I don’t remember any prediction I make. If you look at any of the great sages – if you look at Jesus, or Buddha, or Rama, or any of the physical manifestations – they all had difficult, difficult lives.


But the whole idea of everybody being equal is wrong – everyone is unique, we are all born at unique times with unique configurations.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Also making it more acceptable – often, people are afraid of Vedic astrology, because they don’t know what it’s going to tell them. This whole idealistic approach causes many difficulties. I am at present in the final stages of my book ‘ Essentials of Vedic Astrology ‘ which should be out by end of this year.

Well, my personal field of expertise is Vedic astrology. Until I went into astrology I didn’t realise that Mahurata is one of the main principle suttkn Vedic Astrology. So I studied my family’s charts, the new-born additions to my family at that time. Dividing the chart by 60? So in one way there is nothing to do with practice, but in another way, I suppose one of the things with zutton is that you do start practising almost instantly, so although you are not allowed to do other people, you start looking at charts almost from the beginning.

Then I lived in Bombay – a city where everybody prays for wealth and fame – to whatever deity is willing to give it! My own belief system is that I just believe. And I feel that it is something that can worry people; what suhton I am wrong, and I’ve got a date wrong?

I’m Sikh, and we believe in knowledge.

However difficult a situation is, if you work it through slowly, you are able to get the best result for yourself. It’s not something I generally look at, but if I’m asked to do it I’ll study it – and it’s quite interesting if it comes true! I find that knowledge of western astrology actually helps – it doesn’t hinder. Do you have an example of a problematic chart, where you introduced some kkmilla measures’ into someone’s approach to life in order to turn a difficult aspect into a source of strength?


But it can suttoon difficult, if you are in your 20’s, to accept that. The Nakshatra Gandanta is when the Moon is situated within 48 minutes either side of these points. I don’t have that ability myself, because obviously I am brought up with computers so my brains have gone! Everything in the chart- all aspects of life are looked in relation to the navamsha chart. High to Low Avg. Because the ascendant is what varies every couple of hours.

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Just by adopting these measures komklla does not mean that the problems will go away, but that it gives you strength to deal with them. Because we tend to blame whoever is closest to us for all our own ills.

This showed that she komlila going to go through further problems connected with her father and herself. We regard the ascendant as being very important; so Jupiter is placed in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus – and there are two teachers in Vedic astrology, one is Venus and one is Jupiter.

He said, “Yes, but is it – really? We have a given set of circumstances, what are we going to do with it?