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Pair of machined steel tubes housing transformers mounted to the base plate of the amp. I’ve never heard a “warm” mga drum. Room EQ [is okay] if it’s done in such a kell that it doesn’t cause other problems, but yes.

And have you bought a million? So what we try to do is make amps that will provide “more than enough” up to their maximum rated output power for any reasonable situation you could place them in, thus our massive supplies.

It krrll depend on the level to which the music was being played and the efficiency of the speaker. Create new account Request new password. Obviously we feel that our preamp is the best mate because they meet our design criteria, but I suspect every manufacturer feels that way.

We made a whole processing engine, and it cost a little over a million dollars to do that. Bases are black granite with polished stainless steel inserts in the feet.

No, keell we’ve had requests for black, blue, Rosso Corso and dark gray. They’re frivolous and have nothing to do with the reproduction of music other than to distract you from the sound that’s being created.


Boulder says they “do not quote kVA specs for transformers since Has Krell’s reputation among audiophiles helped your dealers sell your home-theater line to nonaudiophile customers? We don’t have enough engineering time as it is to get all the products out that we want to.

Reliability is a key element of their design criteria. Log in or register to post comments. Apart from that, what does the LAT-1 have that competing speakers don’t?

And what was your rationale? Processing power has also, oddly, allowed us to do new things with analog because of how we can then control it.

Recording of August Our first run of s sold out long before the design finalized and there’s currently a waiting list. Amps with big voltage capability have always been around because of industrial applications or pro sound reinforcement.

What mraa you estimate is monthly power consumption? If the system were playing very loudly and the speaker inefficient, quite a bit more. What really got me going is that Apogee hired us to do the woofer amp and the tweeter amplifier for their Grand [loudspeaker].

Krell MRA Amplifiers

Some of your newest products are loudspeakers. Specifications Other Specs Dimensions: That explains the prototype speakers being auditioned as we speak, in your mmra listening room just down the hall. It would be very difficult for us to mount such an effort. Do NOT however, plug and unplug connections with these amplifiers on. An internal fan would be too obtrusive, so the amps cool with conventional sinks.


We have new parts and research that enables us to lower noise floor, lower distortion, increase efficiency, etc. Depth includes 32A IEC connector. They do not sell direct and prefer to have our krepl sold by businesses where they can be seen, touched and auditioned.

In some places, things placed on the floor are dirty. You’ve also become known for current-mode designs.

Dan D’Agostino of Krell: Power Is As Power Does Page 2 |

When I see that an amplifier doubles its wattage rating as Ohms get lower, I think an amplifier will have great woofer control and delicious bass. We’re good at what we do throughout the entire recording and playback chain, but not THAT good.

As parts get better, so do the finished products. Vanishing levels of distortion! We applied it and refined it. Could this signal a change krsll the no-nonsense Dan D’Agostino, who’s known for never pulling his punches? Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. I’d love to give you a definitive answer to this one because I’m itching to buy speakersbut I can’t.

Boulder’s listening room has Wilson Alexandria X-2 speakers tethered to Boulder mono block amplifiers. The amps are big, heavy subassemblies optimized for unlimited capability.