IKEAPEDIA – KVARTAL Triple curtain rail aluminum color (IKEA United States) – View Product Details – Download Assembly Instructions – Get. Vision: IKEA Kvartal triple track rail rod for sliding Panel Curtains (used like Here is me laughing at the instructions, which is pretty much just a. The problem with IKEA curtain systems is that you’re buying components in pieces, so you don’t get complete instructions. When you buy the.

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Troubleshooting IKEA Kvartal Curtain Rods Install

Your affordable solution is elegant — it looks contemporary and era appropriate at the same time — and your very detailed installation instructions are invaluable. I chose the larger of the two bracket choices because of the number of tracks I needed to hold the panels to cover my 72 inch wide windows.

We purchased the fabric on sale at hancock Fabrics which was great. It was kind of hard to do this, especially around the curve part of the track rail. The 3rd rail on the outside I was going to use to hang drapery panels at the ends and in the middle.

We have the same clacking vertical blinds on our slider to the deck. If you are too, you pinch the fabric and slide them into the header tape, pinch and slide, pinch and slide. I am only able to provide tutorials like this one with my computer which is near retirement after several years of high productivity. You made me realize that if all of us took the time to share some knowledge with others, our everyday lives would be easier, less stressful….


It is difficult to get them to all hang straight! I do really like the blinds though, and would install them again. You will need one of these for every panel you are hanging.

KVARTAL Triple curtain rail aluminum color (IKEA United States) – IKEAPEDIA

You made my day! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: One piece looks like a car. Lots of work but worth it. It seems like you kvaartal close, just need a little troubleshooting.


Both rails should have the center screws line up on the ends and in the middleas they will both be hooked onto the bracket in the same place. My husband and I have just installed 4 window systems this weekend.

Temporarily move the bracket slightly. Thanks for the instructions, they were very helpful. I never, seriously never, could instrucions done this without you.

My man and I recently moved into the house his grandparents built in the mid 50s. But it can get confusing. We are going to be installing tonight, so I am glad to have found your instructions! You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hammer iiea pound in the mollies. The IKEA instructions show you this.

Tutorial: IKEA Kvartal Curtain System

I first purchased Vilborg curtains and Glansnava curtain liners. From the center of that bracket, I measured 38 inches distance from center screw to center screw on my rails and did the same for the third wall bracket.


IKEA is always vague but that one not even remotely close to being understandable. We figured it out in the end. You will not need 6 rods if they open from the center.

This stops the panels from falling off the rod. The other looks like a hook. You need to leave at least an inch or two between the top trim and the bottom of the bracket so you can tighten the bracket in place.

Read through my post and check out this link it should download a pdf that is a guide to the KVARTAL curtain system and that should help you out!

These plastic things are what you use to attach the inxtructions panels to your track rail rod. Now to mark out where the rest of the brass knobs should be according to their placement on the track rail. The space that I have to hang requires 4 panels do I need to and another rail?

You have to fold whatever material you are using around a piece of metal and then get it into the holder, which is trickier with thicker stuff. Stick the wrench standing upright inside a connector plate screw.