Book review of: Language Contact by Yaron Matras,. , Cambridge University Press, p. ISBN: Evangelia Adamou. Buy Language Contact (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics) by Yaron Matras ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . In Language contact, author Yaron Matras presents ‘the state‐of‐the‐art in a wide range of sub‐fields in contact linguistics, both synchronic and.

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Romani Studies 5, Vol. Multilingualism in a post-industrial city: Studies in Language 31, Cambridge University Press Amazon. European Yearbook of Minority Issues, Vol.

Contents An emerging multilingual repertoire. Journal of Semitic Studies Jubilee Volume.

Geographical typology and linguistic areas. Fact Sheets on Roma. Contact, convergence and typology. Standard e non standard tra scelta e norma. Defining the limits of grammatical borrowing. The use of Databases in Cross-Linguistic Studies.

International Journal of Bilingualism.

Explaining convergence and the formation of linguistic areas. Journal of Pragmatics Ocntact on the author’s own first-hand observations of child and adult bilingualism, the book provides a clear analysis of such phenomena as language convergence, grammatical borrowing, and mixed languages.


Standardization of national languages.

Modals in the Languages of Europe: Central European University Press. Most societies in today’s world are multilingual.

The borrowability of grammatical categories. Leglise, Isabelle; Chamoreau, Claudine, editor s.

Yaron Matras

Who are the Gypsylorists? Dynamics of contact-induced change. Romani Studies5th series, 10, Mouton de Gruyter Cultural hybridity, contact, and contrast: Mediterranean Language Review 11, Current Issues in Language Planning.

This page contains a selection of downloadable journal articles and book chapters. A different kind of language?

Language Contact – Yaron Matras – Google Books

Cambridge Review of International Affairs Tense, aspect, and modality categories in Romani. The Romani element in German secret languages: Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project. Toward a policy of linguistic pluralism. Strategic and Conceptual Issues. The classification of Romani dialects: Subject clitics in Sinti. Acquiring and maintaining a bilingual repertoire.

The state of Kurdish linguistics. Modelling contact-induced change in grammar. Investigating the mechanisms of pattern replication in language convergence. Clause combining, ergativity, and coreferent deletion in Kurmanji. Applied Linguistics Re-examining the structural prototype. Text version can be viewed here. The future of Romani: The case of Yiddish, Kurdish and Romani.


The languages and linguistics of Europe. Semantic-typological aspects in an areal perspective. Handbook of Language Contact.

This book is an introduction to the subject, covering individual and societal multilingualism, the acquisition of two or more languages from birth, second language acquisition in adulthood, language change, linguistic typology, language processing and the structure of the language faculty.

Roma Rights Quarterly 1: