Are you an introvert? Psychologist and introvert Laurie Helgoe reveals that more than half of all Americans are. Introverts gain energy and power through. “Laurie Helgoe’s Introvert Power is The Bhagavad Gita for fans the embers of wisdom in each of us to honor yearnings that. Introvert Power: Food for the inner life, by Laurie Helgoe, Ph.D.

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Maybe I need to read it multiple times to get?

Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength by Laurie A. Helgoe

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s a good and useful book, mind you.

However, I’m afraid only certain types of introverts will like it and connect with it. If introverts need a balance, then so do extroverts. Nevertheless the book did define that everyone is different, including misconceptions about other introverts.

Dr. Laurie Helgoe | Introvert Power

Where “Quiet” focuses more on explaining and justifying our character traits and preferences to extroverts, and “Introvert Advantage” focuses on helping us introverts to fit better into our extrovert society, this is a big, juicy permission slip for you to celebrate your introversion. If i’m at home, seeing people online checking in doing all this ‘fun’ stuff, even if i think well i’m enjoying myself right now, and i might not like what they’re doing but WHAT IF The pressure to get out there and get happier can lead people to think that an inward orientation is laaurie problem instead of an opportunity.

If you haven’t read many books about personality types, etc. Talking to a bunch of strangers about things we don’t care about is exhausting.


Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength

You can summarize yelgoe advice as centered around: The author shows understanding of introversion with long explanations and examples. It’s the ideal to have tons of friends, be partnered, and, especially if you’re a woman, want kids.

I know I don’t fit the stereotypical profile in terms of some of the attributions people think of on introverts. I don’t like the dichotomy that Helgoe depicts.

Jul 30, Abbey rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 05, Hannah rated it it powe ok Shelves: I don’t mean to say that this book is worthless. I obviously learned a lot about introverts, but also appreciated the tidbits I picked up about extroverts. First, your memories may be the cause. To be alone walking a trail with just me and my dog is pure heaven. I found the narrative as a whole fascinating and really took so much out of it.

Since I had barely scored anything on the “extrovert” measurement, I decided to google and find something I could read to enlighten me about what it means to be introverted. It’s after all the music and dancing stops that we often become our most graceful selves.

But I will say that the author understands us introverts. To an extrovert, that would be draining. Knowing what that means, how it looks and what it feels like brings a greater understanding of myself and others and how we function or don’t together.

My message to you: Introverts need to be accepted by society, yes, but also by ourselves. What I need to work on now is making the most of my down time laurrie exploring my inner self and creativity instead of just feeling guilty about taking down time.


I will be buying my own copy of this book, reading it was liberating. This early discovery of the power of solitude had a profound influence on her later work. I’m very happy being a shadow dweller and I’m also happy being socially accessible. Most of them don’t know it, or if they do, they hide it. I enjoy and find it beneficial to myself and others to learn about human behavior. Nov 28, Will Chou rated it liked it. Also there’s Imposed vs. Nov 27, Liz rated it liked it Shelves: Perfect tranquility within consists in the good ordering of the mind,– the realm of your own.

Introvert Power : Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength

There are some introverts who can fake extroversion very well and function in that measure, others may not be able to. What’s so surprising intfovert we comprise a little more than half of the population!

After the deadline comes the birth of a new edition, but the old edition is dead. Lots of aha moments in this for me and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is an introvert or wants to truly helgof them.

She attempts to break it down in a later chapter, but her words aren’t convincing to me. I wish I’d been given this book 20 years ago.