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Despite dogged efforts on the part of Giraud, the intended Blueberry sequel did not come to fruition for extraneous reasons. EDIBD published their books for Belgium and the Netherlands themselves, but farmed out licenses for other countries, including France somewhat surprisingly, where Giraud’s former alma mater and Hachette competitor Fleurus firstly became the album publisher for “La longue marche”.

Three chapters in one book. A film adaptation, Blueberry [] U. Blueberry is an atypical western hero; he is not a wandering lawman who brings evil-doers to justice, nor a handsome cowboy who “rides into town, saves the ranch, becomes the new sheriff and marries the schoolmarm.

On 10 JulyJean-Michel Charlier passed away from a heart condition after a short sickbed. La longue marche”Bedetheque. The script being one-thirds ready at the time of Charlier’s passing, the completion of “Arizona Love” was postponed as Giraud needed time to come to terms with that fact.

However, the growing popularity of the comic elsewhere in Europe from onward [80] notwithstanding, the Netherlands included, “Fort Navajo” remained until the only Blueberry title translated in English.

European standard size softcover graphic novel format. Leena rated it really liked it Dec 16, Views Read Edit View history. It coincided with the break between Jean-Michel and Dargaud, where questionable issues in regard to authors’ rights were in play. Date and place of birth as provided by co-creator Charlier in his fictional Blueberry biography included in the book Ballade pour un cercueil.

France Loisirs for its main series releases. There actually had been an additional, more prosaic reason as well for the decision to do so. After I had finished the first Marshal BlueberryI did not want to do all the work alone anymore.

Already inCharlier made his displeasure known in this regard, when he had “Angel Face” pre-published in Nouveau Tintin of industry competitor Le Lombard, the very first time a Blueberry adventure was not serialized in Pilote — nor would it ever be again in hindsight.

Since its inception, the series has steadily gained a large following in Europe, and has, in part or in whole, been extensively translated in both serialized and book versions into multiple languages, to wit, Spanish both Spain proper and the Americas[98] Portuguese including Brasil[99] Italian[] German[] Dutch[] Swedish[] Danish[] Norwegian[] Polish[] Finnish[] Serbo-Croatian[] Hungarian[] Greek[] Icelandic[] Turkish[] TamilIndonesian [] and, more recently, Japanese with an even more recent addition in Chinese.


Leutnant Blueberry, Band 21, Gebrochene Nase

Jordan FL rated it really liked it Dec 08, These blueberrh for the time being French-Belgium as well, Charlier’s native country, where exactly the same collection was concurrently licensed to, and leutnaht by Le Lombardalbeit as soft cover only. That Rouge’s style resembled that of Giraud, was hardly a surprise, as Rouge was actually not a stranger to Blueberry.

No post-original creators editions have seen the day of light in the English language as ofbut, like the source series, the Young Blueberry spin-off series did see translations in numerous languages, the three titles by the original creators and the Wilson outings specifically, but appreciatively less so for the subsequent releases. Gilles Ratier though, has noted leurnant Charlier, when he felt he was preaching to the choir, had the tendency to “take liberties” with actual events for dramatic effect.

I’m looking for my own way. That will be the greatest task for the first album. If Colin wants, I can assume the role of a mentor. His life was a true path of self-destruction.

Blueberry (comics) – Wikipedia

Pithif rated it really liked it Nov 22, He did not create Westerns then, but SF, yet you could already see his potential. I’m not saying it’s all entirely successful. Publication came to naught however, due to the near concurrent, but otherwise coincidental, demises of both Novedi and Catalan Communications in late and respectively.

Vidorreta rated it it was amazing Sep 10, Part of their strategy was to forego on a magazine of their own and instead release titles directly in album format, as it blueherry noticed that the serialized comic magazine format had leuntant started to wane in Europe as a format and actually one of the main reasons for Axel Springer to pull the plug on Koralleresulting in the advantage of not having to incur the expenses of maintaining magazine editorial offices.

The Blueberry Saga 1: The former had in effect already received an ISBN number. A “prequel” series, La Jeunesse de Blueberry Young Blueberryand the “intermezzo” series Marshal Blueberry have been published as well, with other artists and writers, most famously William Vance for the latter. That I reverted the task to him, leutnznt not laziness on my part, but rather a gesture of friendship; I wanted to demonstrate to him that he could draw Blueberry every-bit as good as I did.

The three La Jeunesse titles were collected in volume 6. Originally intended to become a full-fledged series, the three Marshal Blueberry titles have remained the only outings in the series, though they too have seen several foreign language publications. I did not had the time to read the scripts for those pages he had shown us, but I know that Jean redid several pages entirely anew, before the album was eventually released”. With the exception of the very first and very last, “Double jeu” “Double Cross”all other shorts were originally published in black and white.


[CSDb] – Leutnant Blueberry [german] by Mr. Coolman

That was the right choice, and Charlier liked the name as well. I did not have the time, nor did I want to do the work, others should have rightfully done. We had created the possibility to highlight Blueberry in a panoramic manner by concurrently publish several different series, in which he is young, less young and, why not, old eventually. It was then that it became clear to Charlier, that he was left with no other option than to leave, and this he did taking all his other co-creations with him, to wit Redbeard and Tanguy et Laverdurewhich, while not as popular as Blueberrywere steady money making properties for Dargaud nonetheless.

The choice for the German publisher was made for their very ambitious international expansion strategy they had in place at that time. Marko Jovanovic rated it it was amazing Oct 05, This can only be explained by the fact that Wilson was originally signed for five albums by Novedi, [] and that the official receivers of the defunct publisher wanted the revenues for the legal and financial finalization of the bankruptcy.

We were shareholders with the Charlier family,” stated Giger, confirming the preliminary dealings with the author in his final year.

Leutnant Blueberry 48. Jugend 19 ISBN 3770433521 Isbn-13 9783770433520

Blueeberry, Junepp. While Egmont completed the publication of the then existing series in whole for the latter two language areas, publication of the English titles already ceased after volume 4. The first known English translation of Blueberry was that of the first title “Fort Navajo”, and appeared 18 months after its original French magazine publication and before its very first book publication in September However, while Jeremiah has remained with Blyeberry ever since, for again unknown reasons the cooperation with Blueberry did not seem to pan out either.

Actually, and by his own admission, Charlier had originally written McClure as a temporary, minor background character, but Giraud was so taken with the character that he asked Charlier to expand his role in the series, and which stands out leutnat the earliest known instance of Giraud exercising influence on the scripts of his senior colleague.