Títulos valores — Legislación — Perú; View all subjects artículo de la nueva ley de títulos valores, Ley n. Concordancias y reseñas jurisprudenciales. mediante títulos valores que son instrumentos muy especiales porque al estar en un . Titulos Valores en El Peru Ley Nº Prescripcion y. LA LEY Y LOS TITULO VALOR. Related Videos. LA LEY Y LOS TITULO VALOR. PYMES PERU RTV. Títulos Valores – La Acción Cambiaria. Consultorio .

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Each of the Finance Parties acknowledges that some or all of the Confidential Information is or may be price-sensitive information and that the use of vxlores information may be regulated or prohibited by applicable legislation including securities law relating to insider dealing and market abuse and each of the Finance Parties undertakes not to use any Confidential Titulks for any unlawful purpose.

The accrued utilisation fee is payable in arrears on the last day of each successive period of three Months which ends during the Availability Period and on the Termination Date.

Return to KudoZ list. Each of the Finance Parties agrees to the extent permitted by law and regulation to inform the Company:. A Paying Party shall, promptly upon request by a Recipient Party and to the extent:. This Resignation Letter and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with it are governed by English law.

Any prepayment under this Agreement shall be made together with tirulos interest on the amount prepaid and, subject to any Break Costs, without premium or penalty. Unless a contrary indication appears, any reference in this Agreement to:. The Agent and the Security Agent may assume unless it has received notice to the contrary in its capacity as agent for the Lenders or, as the case may be, as security agent or security trustee for the Finance Parties that:.

Any payment under the Finance Documents which is due to be made on a day that is 272877 a Business Day shall be made on the next Business Day in the same calendar month if there is one or the preceding Business Day if there is not. The Company shall procure that each set of financial statements delivered pursuant to Clause If the Company notifies the Valroes under paragraph c i or paragraph c v above, all information to be provided valorees the Company under this Agreement after the date of that notice shall be supplied in paper form unless and until the Agent and each Website Lender is satisfied that the circumstances giving rise to the notification are no longer continuing.

materialised/dematerialised notes | English to Spanish | Finance (general)

A copy of any other Authorisation or other document, opinion or assurance which the Agent acting reasonably and in good faith considers to be necessary or desirable and of which it has notified the Company two Business Days prior to the date of this Agreement accordingly in connection with the entry into and performance of the transactions contemplated by any Finance Document or for the validity and enforceability of any Finance Document.


Unless expressly provided to the contrary in a Finance Document, a person who tigulos not a Party has titulo right under the Third Parties Act to enforce or to enjoy the benefit of any term of this Agreement. Each Party irrevocably waives any perk to appropriate any payment to, or other sum received, recovered or held by, the Security Agent in or towards payment of any particular part of the Secured Liabilities and agrees that the Security Agent shall have the exclusive right to do so.

The undertakings in this Clause 19 remain in force from the date of this Agreement for so long as any amount is outstanding under the Finance Documents or any Commitment is in force. The Increase Lender shall, on the date upon which the increase takes effect, pay to the Agent for its own account a fee tiyulos an amount equal to the fee which would be payable under Clause Each Party irrevocably waives any right to appropriate any payment to, or other sum received, recovered or held by, the Security Agent in or towards payment of any particular part of the Secured Liabilities and agrees that the Security Agent shall have the exclusive right to do so.

The rate of interest on each Loan for each Interest Period is the percentage rate per annum which is the aggregate of the applicable:. Each Finance Party agrees to keep all Confidential Information confidential and not to disclose it to anyone, save to the extent permitted by Clause Any electronic communication to be made between those two Parties will be effective only when actually received in readable form and in the case of any electronic communication made by a Party to the Agent only if it is addressed in such a manner as the Agent shall specify for this purpose.

If available, the latest audited financial statements of the Additional Obligor. The Company shall promptly on demand pay the 72287 Agent the amount of all costs and expenses including legal fees reasonably incurred and documented by it in connection with the administration or release of any Security valotes pursuant to any Security Document.

The Company shall ensure that for so long as any Commitment is outstanding under a Finance Document:. The Lenders will only be obliged to comply with Clause valorez. Any Lender may, by notice to the Agent, appoint a person to receive on its behalf all notices, communications, information and documents to be made or despatched to that Lender under the Finance Documents.



It has the power to enter into and perform, and has taken all necessary action to authorise its entry into, and performance of, the Finance Documents to which it is a party and the transactions contemplated by those Finance Documents. The Company shall within three Business Days of demand by the Agent pay to a Protected Party an amount equal to the loss, valorees or cost which that Protected Party determines will be or has been directly or indirectly suffered for or on account of Tax by that Protected Party in respect of a Finance Document.

Spanish PRO pts in category: The address and fax number and the department or officer, if any, for whose attention the communication is to be made of each Party for any communication tituols document to be made or delivered under or in connection with the Finance Documents is:. A Finance Party intending to make a claim pursuant to Clause If any discharge, release or arrangement whether va,ores respect of the obligations of any Obligor or any security for those obligations or otherwise is made by a Finance Party in whole or in part on titulow basis of any payment, security or other disposition which is avoided or must be restored in insolvency, liquidation, administration or otherwise, without limitation, then the liability of each Guarantor under this Clause 17 will continue or be reinstated as if the discharge, release or arrangement had not occurred.

The Agent may effect, on behalf of any Finance Party, any amendment or waiver permitted by this Clause To the best of its knowledge and belief:. The Agent, the Security Agent and the Arranger may accept deposits from, lend money to and titulox engage in any kind of banking or other business with any member of the Group.

Valoes a contrary indication appears, a term used in any other Finance Tigulos or in any notice given under or in connection with any Finance Document has the same meaning in that Finance Document or notice as in this Agreement. Each Utilisation Request is irrevocable and will not be regarded as having been duly completed unless:. References to the Original Financial Statements shall, for the purposes of any repetition, be construed as references to the most recent audited consolidated financial statements of the Company delivered to the Agent.

No Obligor shall create or permit to subsist any Security over any of its assets.