The Gainclone. Introduction: Background Info: Construction Notes. Introduction. The model Gaincard from 47 Laboratories is a 25 Watt stereo amplifier. Check for Samples: LM The LM is a high-performance audio power LM to reduce the effects of PCB trace resistance and inductance. PCB for 56W Audio Amplifier using LM HiFi Amp. For LM IC. High quality FR4 double-sided, plated-thru and tinned holes, with conformal coating.

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This is gainclone amplifier circuit that sound quality is very good.

The Gainclone

We use a IC as main parts is. The IC include circuitry to block a lot, for example, prevent a spike or block the signal of the power circuit, short circuit protection and output over voltage protection circuit, out of voltage or overload.

So it is almost a complete IC without additional circuitry, thus leading to yet more user-friendly and convenient. Figure 1 The pins using of LM Figure 2 the internal circuit in LM In Figure 3 This project is non inverting amplifier circuit. Most devices within the IC almost all.


There are some little further: Figure 3 the schematic diagram. The left-channel audio signal is connected to the lm387, to resistor R2 act as set the impedance of circuit is 33K through the coupling capacitor C2.

The signal into the ultra sonic filter circuit, which include of capacitor C3 and cpb R3 and R1 To act to prevent the radio noise signal and attenuate RF signal is lower, before the signal will into pin 7 thus this have high gain up to 25 times.

The capacitor C5 is connected to R6 help lower frequency to -3dB at frequency about 10Hz. Sound signal is amplified and then come out the pin 3 of IC.

Before leaving Speaker shall pass to the zobel network circuit that include of R4 and C4 To solve the problem with the load capacity and maintain stability at high frequency.

Is ,m3875 as a supply voltage to the IC power supply or amplifier circuit. How to builds This projects is easy to builds because to adjust anything and few parts as Figure 4 and Figure 5.


Gainclone amplifier circuit,stereo 40W using LM

Figure 4 the PCB layout. Figure 5 the components layout. Lm38755 projects have the Frequency response and the total harmonic distortion: THD is lowest, as Figure 6 very good Frequency response. Quote and Order boards in minutes on https: This circuit is very good for a small hifi system in house, with medium overall specifications.

LM3875 Gain Clone Amplifier Project

You can use a linear power supply to take at next level this circuit. This site uses Akismet l3875 reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Many electronics circuits and projects for learning in simple ways.

RJM Audio – LM Non-inverting Gainclone

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