When the design of this chassis is complete, full plans will be published. However, I started this design with a chassis bought on Fleabay. Building an modifying the “Locost” chassis design to work with AE86 Toyota Corolla drivetrain parts. I’m doing my due diligence and have copies of many frames but still unclear on the major difference between a $ frame and the frame on.

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Here’s a pic of the front half of that same car – http: KB58 The forum members are excellent on the sharing of improvements to the book chassis and allowing newbie’s to follow along with their projects. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Haynes and Tanner’s books, have good pictures of the Locost. After having some doubts, I decided to add the suspension attachment brackets. Approximately 10 as of April cars have been completed and passed by their countries government for use on the road.

Locost chassis build

Tue Jan 06, The Wankel engine-based Mazda RX-7 is also starting to become popular. It seems the dimensions of the rear section are not correct. Therefore I should not have painted the chassis steel colour overall. My own car reportedly achieves 22, IIRC it is the only Caterham that has double wishbone suspension in the back and the only one with inboard shocks in the front. The drawings show secondary dimensions based on an automatic conversion from standard to metric. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


Tue Jan 06, 2: A Locost is a home-built car. Roadsters are becoming an increasingly popular choice over the Locost due to the more plentiful locosr and the more advanced suspension.

Locost – Wikipedia

In contrast to the Locost’s space frame inspired chassisthe Locust uses a ladder chassis and a body constructed from plywood skinned with aluminium. I ignored the problems on the rear side, and continued with the transmission tunnel, built from 2.

Facebook Twitter Car and Driver. Next were the skins, and I started with those at the bottom of the passenger compartment. Tue Jan 06, 1: Unfortunately they have removed their realistically priced Locost chaasis plans from sale due to the high cost of public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Generally I managed to build the chassis within 0. The increased length provides an additional four inches in the engine bay with a relatively “book” sized cockpit.

The original design was intended to be built from scratch. The rear of the Locost is of course “inspired by” the Lotus 7. Using the drawings and instructions in Ron Champion’s book, I went to work. SkinnyG, so that’s 11k plus shipping, ouch. Front suspension is usually double wishbone with coil spring struts. Various projects cjassis analyzed the strength of the Locost Chassis under Finite Element Analysis for interest’s sake.



In Australiakit cars must pass structural testing for certification for road use. I don’t have a side to side comparison pictures, but there were a few comparisons on the Locostbuilders.

For a big pic, http: Chassis rigidity – FEA25 pages. Chassi scale was chosen for convenience: The chassis plans on this site are based on the original Locost design presented in Ron Champion’s book.

Tue Jan 06, 7: The keen observer will spot that the tunnel is not symmetrical at the front and rear, since it was specifically designed to accomodate the Ford Escort Mark 2 drive train. Tube chassis discussion on the MCM forum. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.