Todo ello significó un cambio radical en la comprensión de lo que es hacer teología. y en el Continente entero soplaron vientos nuevos sobre las repúblicas. la claridad, según le alcanzaban los rumores susurrantes de los colegas. un tipo de interacción que puede revertir en la amplificación del poder de la poesía, si no para el cambio social, . y los helados vientos atraviesan las almas que huyen mientras voces susurrantes rompen en lágrimas. La Ciencia Ficcion de H. G. Wells I – H. G. Wells by valerio2venturi.

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It will take flight in susureantes measure that which we nourish these dreams. Xel we recognize the disgust we feel when faced with the many disenchantments of current politics, we insist that now, as in all hours, political commitment forms an absolutely necessary part of the integrated human being. We want to continue dreaming with all realism. See us in Wikipedia, the encyclopedia: Go to search for Agenda Latinoamericana Mundial, and see the results.

Or go to Google. We have increased the number of contests, some of which have been converted into a tradition in different fields: We welcome other organizations that wish to sponsor contests. The telematic Archive of the Latin American Agenda: They will remain at the permanent disposition of the public.

Leaders and advisors of communities, teachers, professors, and pastoral workers who desire to prepare activities for formation, reflection, and debate within groups or communities can search for materials by theme, title, author, or year Servicios Koinonia has surpassed over 2. In case of emergency, please contact: The portal of the Agenda is its complement on the internet.

Go there to know more about Agenda, apart from the paper publication that takes place once a year. You can find information ssusurrantes about writing contests, the publication of the results, and all developments concerning them. Using the entrance of the telematic archive of the Agenda cfr. Subscribe at you can also unsubscribe at any moment at this address. If you have any problems, you can contact the address which appears in the portal.

Maximino Cerezo Barredo Webpage: Ligue ao 11ou gratuitoou veja: Once more we are 17 already! As agendas go, obviously there plenty that are better. What is better about ours is not the noun, but the adjective, Latin American and as we have said before, this does not refer to physical geography, but a spiritual geography What is unique about our agenda is presenting, suggesting, and taking account of where Latin American hope is leading, combining it each year with a pedagogical theme.

As we announced in camhio last edition, Politics is the focal point of this edition. At this hour of tiredness and deception, including abandonment on the part of many, we want to insist on the importance of political commitment for each and every human being.

Lo Profundo Del Corazon

The list of the most 8 important martyrial anniversaries ofthe announcement of the prizes won in the contests of last year, and the announcement of new ten! The section on JUDGING brings together the perspectives of the most qualified specialists from the Continent and further afield judging politics from the widest spectrum of viewpoints permitted by the size of this agenda.

Susuerantes Agenda concludes with its habitual final section: The Agenda will probably have as its theme another exclamation-invitation: Long Live Social Utopia! At this time when so many are declaring that ideologies are dead and utopias are considered cambo thing of the past, we reclaim their continued relevance, since, without them, full human life and dignified social life are impossible. Perhaps the utopias of past times will change their name, or, perhaps, the passage of time will allow them to transform themselves cientos adopt a different face.


But we declare that the great utopias of the past decades have not cmbio, no matter the name by which they are called. Rather, they continue being, in essence, what the best of those who preceded us struggled for. We want to continue planting, with fidelity, in the fields which they opened up for us. We await your commentaries, suggestions, and even criticisms, so that you can help us plan the next condition. The texts are always brief and agile, presented under the pedagogical concept of one page, suskrrantes so that they can be directly photocopied and distributed as work material in schools, group meetings, adult literacy programs, and literature tables.

They susurranttes also be published in the bulletins of organizations or in local magazines. The format of the texts is dictated by an economic criterion which possibly sacrifices esthetics in the form of white spaces and illustrations in favor of a greater volume of message. This also allows us to keep a low price so the Agenda is more accessible.

Ecumenicism This agenda is dictated by a total ecumenicism, not a remainder ecumeicism. Because of this, we do voentos eliminate what is only Catholic or only Protestant, but we unite the two.

Thus, in the list of the Saints, the Protestant and Catholic commemorations have both been included.

When they do not coincide, the Protestant commemoration is in italics. For example, the Apostle Peter is celebrated by the Catholic Church on February 22 the Chair of Peterand for the Protestant Vientps on January 18 the Confession of Peter ; the differences can be distinguished typographically.

The Agenda is aconfessional, and, above all, macroecumenical. The world of common references, beliefs, values, and utopias among peoples and men susurranets women of good will susugrantes Christians call the Reign is shared by all who are partners in this humble, serving, brotherly, and sisterly search. A Non-Profit Work In many countries, this agenda is edited by popular and nonprofit organizations that use the money received from the sale of the agenda to support their work for popular service and solidarity.

These centers ensure the non-profit character of each edition.

Nueva Atlántida – Francis Bacon

In all cases, the Agenda Latinoamericana as it is, in its central coordination, is also a non-profit initiative. It was born and developed without help from any agency. The money generated by the agenda, after adequately compensating the authors who write in its pages, is dedicated to works of popular alternative communication and international solidarity. Servicios Koinonia, permanently maintained, constantly improved, and freely accessible around the world, the Tiempo Axial Collection, and some of the prizes financed by the Agenda are the most well-known.

This is a collective work. Because of this, it has gotten to where it is today.

We continue to gladly receive suggestions, materials, texts, documents, and new bibliographic material as we enter into the process of creating the Agenda.

We welcome and will make a space in these pages for those entities that want to officer their service to the Continent by sponsoring a prize or contest to stimulate any aspect of our continental consciousness. In this way, it will continue being a collective work, a community patrimony, an annual anthology of the memory and hope of our spiritual Continent.

As long as it is not used to make a profit, you may freely print and distribute copies. Local as well as on-line printers can produce professionally bound versions at a low cost. We also seek your help in the translation of this Agenda for future years.

Please contact us at You need not have prior experience, only a good command of both Spanish and English and a willingness to translate a two page article. Please contact us by March 31, if you are interested.


Everything is political, although politics isn t everything. Outside of politics there is no salvation.

Nueva Atlántida – Francis Bacon – PDF Free Download

The simple people in our regions of the interior of Brazil talk about politics, a priori and a posteriori, as an evil: So where are we? Politics yes or politics no? In this Ccambio Latin American Agenda forafter talking about democracy in the Agenda, we believe that it is more than appropriate to talk about politics. It is necessary to recognize the deception that politics causes in practically all countries.

It creates an attitude of distrust, of scorn to the point of indignation towards politics.

What are the causes? Unfortunately, it is easy to name them: The collective experience, in almost all countries, but especially in the Third World, susurrabtes a dance of centuries that masks the same pseudo-politics, based on power, profit, and privilege. Politics has been made into a business, the recourse of the elites who keep perpetuating themselves always the same people, openly right-wing, and consecrated to the status quo.

As the joke cambo, Let s stop trying to accomplish political change with politics! Let s accept politics for what it s good for: This politics has to die. Worldwide it is already a dead politics for the society that wants to live humanely and construct an authentically democratic, participatory, and humanizing future, free of the inequalities that cry to the heavens. The economy grows, but vjentos so does inequality.

Structural adjustment plans, forced upon poor countries by current politics, have failed, but still they demand much suffering, misery, and even blood. The current process of globalization, writes Stiglitz in his book Making Globalization Work, is provoking destabilizing results as much between countries as within countries.

Crossan, John Dominic – Jesus Desenterrado – PDF Free Download

It creates wealth, but there are too many countries and people that do not share its benefits It has been opportunely affirmed that this inequality assassinates.

It is necessary to come together to engage in multiple processes in different places and in different ways that are at the service of equitable globalization, which shares increases in wellbeing and conquers misery. It is essential that engaging in politics becomes a basic exercise of citizenship.

Citizenship is the political recognition of human rights. Because we are humanity, we are society. The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben argues that [t]he separation between the human and the political that we are now experiencing is the extreme phase of the rift between the rights of the viento being and the rights of the citizen.

Our Agenda surveys the history of politics. It confronts the exercise of current politics with the demands of human rights, citizenship, cultures, the role of the laity, inter-religious dialogue, ecology, and communications media.

Current politics has in its hands the manipulation of public opinion and the colonization of subjectivities. For the majority of humanity, it is a politics that has to die, and that is already a dead politics. However, politics, the other politics, cannot ssurrantes, precisely because humanity cannot live without it. Politics is the organization of human life, the process of society. Politics is more than a dimension it embraces all dimensions of social life.

In our Agenda, by denouncing this iniquitous politics, we vindicate true politics: