Learn and buy magic tricks by Luke Jermay from Vanishing Inc. Magic shop. The latest Tweets from Luke Jermay – Mind Reader (@LukeJermay). Intuitive entertainer and star of Manchester’s most unusual night out “Mind Reader – An. Luke Jermay – Mind Reader. K likes. Intuitive entertainer converting every mind he encounters to a religion of mystery. Abracadabra. Birthplace.

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Every show I do feels like it is “the first big show” and I like that. Luke Jermay was a consultant and designer for many You perfectly predict the order of the cards.

Available in sets of 2, 6 and 12, these decks are so cheap that you will never need to worry about keeping them safe. Turn your back or jernay go in the other room and let them deal. Magic by Luke Jermay Luke Jermay is one of the leading minds in mentalism and an excellent performer and creator.

Edgy, bold, and always a little bit scary EffectThe goal of what Luke Jermay calls “Leading Reading” is to transform a cold reading situation into a hot reading situation through the secret Las VegasNevada. Can be done on business cards.

Magic Tricks

Enjoy this minute performance documentary knowing that every single moment of amazement is within your grasp. The Billet Switch with Luke Jermay Instant Download The classic billet switch and methods to ring it back into play, allowing you to create the effect of reading your spectators’ minds. Jremay mind will be read, your future will be predicted and your own intuitive power will be put to the test in a series of flabbergasting interactive demonstrations of mind-reading and prediction that will astonish and amaze.


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Luke Jermay: Intuition – Wilton’s

Take a look at our Return Policy. He shows the cards, whose faces are either entirely red We ask that you bring a physical, real, actual photograph with you to the performance.

It has stood the test of time. After seeing these creations, Kenton Knepper was so stunned that he actually bought the publishing rights from Luke-the first time Kenton has e.

In thin short manuscript Luke Jermay provides all of the real information needed to put his story into your show. Anyone interested in mind reading, mysticism nermay simply a bloody fun bit of theatre should see Sixth Sense right now. However I was also aware via the teachings and stories that mentalism was not something that could be performed in a compelling way by a younger person.

LukeJermay – The Mind Reader – Impossible, MCR

See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Three Simple Rules A night like no other calls for some rules. Room trick Luke Jermay From the devious mind of Luke Jermay comes a refreshingly direct mental magic performance piece that leaves audiences stunned. At the end you want to watch it again.

When he is onstage, he is simply hypnotic. This DVD features material from 7 Deceptions and brand new developments of effects from 7 Deceptions as well as some unpublished material.

I had a slight advantage with this – I have always appeared older than I am, so when I was 16 I felt like I might be able to begin to present mentalistic material in a way that seemed believable and in a walk around job I had A restaurant in Camden, London where I performed 2 times a week I started to include some simple mentalism sequences. Jermay was profiled on the BBC 1 documentary series “The History Of Magic” in episode 4 titled “The World’s Best Mind Readers”; in which as well as performing demonstrations of mentalism he was described as being “one of the most prolific creators in the industry” despite at the time being only 19 years of age!


This article has multiple issues. This is the first time Luke has allowed any of his work to appear on film, and we are sure it will prove to be a real treat for magic lovers.

Drawn from the personal notebooks of Luke Jermay from a 10 year period these are routines that have all been tried and tested in front of real wo. Watch the demo times. Making this an ideal date night gift January 7, From 7: In other words, these are Learn 5 unique, diabolical methods. Almost everyone in the audience receives a personal reading in a unique experience that is amazing, funny, controversial, uplifting and insightful.

You will simply not believe your eyes and ears. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A spectator fairly selects a card from a red deck and decides on ANY word to write across the face of. His is an extraordinary gift, definitely in league with the devil