View and Download Mamiya RB67 Pro-S instructions manual online. RB67 Pro- S Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Mamiya RB 67 Pro S service instructions manual online. RB 67 Pro Digital Camera Mamiya RB67 Pro-S Instructions Manual. (34 pages). Somehow it didn’t get put in with the other Mamiya instructions. . I’ve been using a used Mamiya Pro S Rb67 camera for the past year, and I’m delighted with it.

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During the last two decades it has earned its reputation as the “workhorse of the pros”. It offers full mechanical reliability. For over two decades, the world-wide popularity of the Mamiya RB Series has earned its reputation as the “workhorse of the pros.

Today the RB67 Pro SD offers the same fully mechanical reliability and simple operation of its predecessors, and complete system compatibility with all previous RB lenses, backs, finders and accessories.

The all mechanical Mamiya RB67 Pro SD is the top choice of commercial and portrait studios in the world today because of its many unique features including 6x7cm format negative size, over four and a half times greater than 35mm, ideal manyal retouching and reproduction. Its revolving back allows for rbb67 changes from horizontal or vertical composition, without ,anual the entire camera. Fast and precise bellows focusing with locking feature permits fast and easy close-ups without special attachments.

The Mamiya Manuao Pro SD’s multi-format capability offers an impressive choice of interchangeable film magazines from 6×4. Other system accessories include interchangeable focusing screens, variable-diopter eyepiece magnifier, and extension tubes, making the RB67 Pro SD excellent for commercial copy work as well. Professionals, art directors and clients appreciate the large, detailed 6x7cm format over others.

Revolving Camera Back The RB67 Pro SD unique revolving back feature permits instant change from vertical to horizontal composition with the flip of the wrist. Fast and easy operation makes it ideal for studio, portrait and wedding use. Built-in auto-frame masking assures accurate composition at all times. Mamiya has always been mamiga as the leader for providing a solid front end for all brands of digital backs. In fact, manufacturers e digital backs have come to rely on what traditional Mamiya users have often taken for granted.

For example, janual RB has a secure locking mount system that is solid enough to hold even the heaviest of digital camera backs; Bellows-focusing for closeups without additional accessories; and, world-class Mamiya RB lenses.

Bellows Focusing The RB67 PRO SD built-in bellows permits continuous focusing from infinity to close range with all focal length lenses, without the need for added accessories.

Optional extension tubes may be added for macro focusing to 1: Switch from instant Polaroid proofs to chrome film, to black and white, or any combination instantly in mid-roll. All Mamiya Film Magazines feature handy dark slide storage pockets for added safety and convenience on location.


Interchangeable Focusing Screens Select from eight factory designed bright focusing screens including grid screens for product photography or architecture, precision microprism or Mamiya’s exclusive vertical split image screen designed specifically for fashion and portraiture.

Mamiya lenses are designed and built for today’s foremost photographers who expect their equipment to provide both outstanding and distinctive results. Engineers at Mamiya have developed rigorous performance kamiya for each lens design. No detail is overlooked. No test is omitted. The goal is technical perfection The result is a series of lenses which have set the new world-standard of performance. Each lens element is precisely polished and coated using Mamiya’s proprietary multi-coating process to increase light transmission, dramatically reduce flare, ensure crisp, clean whites and vibrant, yet natural colors.


Mamiya engineers and inspectors test continuously as the manuak is assembled to insure flawless quality. The result is a lens designed so carefully, built so meticulously, that it consistently renders extraordinary performance.

Help with Mamiya RB67 Pro-S shutter release!

It is Mamiya’s unique balance of extreme sharpness, brilliant contrast, accurate and consistent color fidelity and overall high performance that captures the imagination of contemporary photographers who choose Mamiya to express their personal visions.

Manuual today’s community of world famous photographers, Mamiya lenses have established themselves as the new benchmark by which others are measured. Applications include landscape, architecture and photojournalism.

It is the most popular wide angle focal length in 6x7cm format. It renders natural perspective with increased depth of field and angular coverage and provides the least amount of distortion, among the wide angle range, for subjects at the edges of the frame. It incorporates manula adjustable floating element system for correction of edge sharpness and distortion, especially at wide open apertures and close distances.

Applications include group portraits, wedding photography, and general purpose wide angle photography. Applications include precise perspective for architectural maanual industrial rendering or table top photography. Applications include general purpose photography from landscapes to full length or head and shoulders portraits.

It works well for close-up photography with or without extension tubes. Floating Element design assures edge-to-edge sharpnes mamita all focusing distances. Its slightly long normal focal length makes it superb for close-focusing, portrait head shots, and three-quarter length portraits.

It yields a good camera to subject distance, slight flattening of portrait subjects, and exceptional sharpness. Applications include portraiture, fashion, landscape telephotography and sports. Resolution, color reproduction and overall sharpness are enhanced at all apertures because chromatic abberation is eliminated. Applications include fashion, beauty, portraiture, commercial, advertising and industrial photography. It creates accentuated foreshortening and accentuated distance between foreground and background objects.

Applications include telephotography, landscape, wildlife, sports and fashion photography, where mmanual effect is desired. The mm Manuak lens includes tripod support bracket.

The built-in floating element system allows correction of edge sharpness for copy work down to 1: Applications include copywork, macro and close-up photography of all objects from product photography to flowers.

The combination creates soft focus images that appear sharp at the same time, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming retouching.

Its mm focal length makes it ideal for small studio working distances.

Applications include portraiture, fashion, beauty, landscape and general photography. One lens can be used r67 full length portraits to head shots eliminating the need to change lenses, synch cords or camera position, throughout a sitting. Because manusl Mamiya computer aided design and manufacturing techniques, the mm Zoom provides image performance equal to prime focal length lenses.

It offers a choice of helicoid or camera bellows focusing. A tripod support bracket is included. Applications include studio portraiture, fashion and landscape photography.

Mamiya RB67 Pro S (User Manual & Service Manual) | Mamiya RB67 | Flickr

Equivalent to mm zoom in 35mm format. Attached to the prism finder, it assures enhanced precision focusing by magnifying the central portion of the screen. After focusing, it can be raised to confirm overall composition.


Featuring 5 lens elements in 2 groups, it produces a side-correct, distortion-free image. Particularly useful for critical focusing with wide angle, telephoto and variable soft focus lenses, as well as for copy work and macro photography. Anyone wearing eyeglasses or experiencing difficulty focusing may benefit by adding a diopter correction lens to the viewfinder. Diopter correction lenses adjust for near or farsightedness and permit your eye to more clearly see the focusing screen, thereby enabling you to achieve consistently sharp photographs.

Although it is possible to consult your eyecare specialist to ask for your “diopter correction” number, in our experience it is best to try it for yourself. To make it easy for Mamiya owners to explore the benefits of a diopter corrected viewfinder, complete sets may be ordered with return privileges.

Keep the one that works best for you, and return the rest within 10 days. Diopters for RB Prism Finders. Mamiya offers a broad variety of easily interchangeable focusing screens for RB series cameras, in order to serve the many specialized mamiyq of professionals.

Photographers often require more than one screen for particular applications such as close-up, architectural, portrait, industrial and scientific photography.

manuzl Vertical Split Image Same as Matte, but with a vertical central split-image rangefinder wedge added. Matte surface can be used for focusing, but the vertical split-image feature makes focusing easier and more accurate for subjects such as portraits. Matte All matte with Fresnel lens, suited for general purpose photography. Supplied with camera Cat.

Checker Same as Matte, but with perpendicular grid. Pattern mamiyw as a compositional aid. Grid intersections also useful as reference points for multiple exposures.

Microprism Same as Matte, but with central microprism spot added. Provides an alternative Rangefinder Spot screen with same benefit of enhanced focusing precision. Cross Hair All matte screen with small aerial totally transparent spot with cross hairs. Used for parallax focusing and designed for special high magnification applications.

Especially suited for macro and telephoto photography. Highly versatile 3-way focusing rangefinder, microprism, and matte. Ideal for general purpose photography. Attaches to the front accessory thread of 65mm to mm lenses. Utilizing scissor struts, instead of base rails, this Bellows Lens Hood G-3 provides highly efficient protection against extraneous light.

It has 2 inserting slots in the rear for 3 inch square filter glass, gelatine or plastic. In front, a slot is maniya for a 4 inch square size vignetter. Vignetter can adjust up and down within 14mm. Gelatin filter mount is provided. Maximum and minimum extension of bellows: Accepts popular brand vignetters such as Sailwind and Leon. Attaches to Bellows Lens Hood G With the Front Lens Hood used on the Bellows Lens Hood G-3, it is possible to use mm lens or longer focal length lenses, except for mm zoom lens and mm lenses.

Front Hood for G-3 has an inserting slot for 4″ x 4″ square size vignetters such as Sailwind and Leon. Ring screws onto front of lens. Double rail attaches to bracket of zoom lens.